The first public release of Prison Architect.

Prison Architect is inspired by Dungeon Keeper, Theme Hospital, and Dwarf Fortress and tasks you with building and managing a prison. 

Prison Architect Alpha03:41

Prison Architect Alpha

Secret Treasure Hunt

In November 2011, Introversion did a secret treasure hunt after the Humble Bundle launched, embedding images from Prison Architect in the Subversion tech demos and sending others out to a few select journalists. There was five polaroids that when pieced together, produced a string of characters that led to a hidden Prison Architect  website.

Known Bugs

There are a multitude of bugs, including, but not limited to:

  • [Bug] Long Todo list interferences with building menu tooltips
  • [Bug] Different prisoners on reload
  • [Bug] Hiring while paused can exceed daily cost limit
  • [Bug] Capacitors
  • [Bug] Foundations placed at map edge cannot be built
  • [Bug] MAC Version: Opens in small box in screen
  • [Bug] Game stuck in bottom right hand corner of the screen on Mac
  • [Bug] Game crashes after deleting a Holding Cell
  • [Bug] Prisoners use holding cell to nap during free time
  • [Bug] OS X Lion fullscreen/resolution broken
  • [Bug] Sleeping doors
  • [Bug] Prisoners go nude to walk through shower room.
  • [Bug] Can't build because an area is Too Dangerous
  • [Bug] Crashes after some runtime.



Alpha 1b was a Mac-only release, with some mac-specific bug fixes. It was released on September 27, 2012.


  • OSX 10.6 problems not fixed.


Released on October 3, 2012. Second attempt to fix the Mac OSX 10.6 problems.

Chris stated that he used an older SDK build for this version, which should fix the problems.

Bugs fixed

  • As of user reports the OSX 10.6 problem seems to be fixed.

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