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A couple of months ago we announced that we are going to finish Prison Architect in 2015. We've been working hard to fulfil that promise and as a result of April's bug bash we're happy to pin that down further and confirm that Prison Architect will be released in quarter four (Oct / Nov / Dec) 2015!

The team have smashed the previous bug fix record and submitted over 130 fixes and whilst that means that we don't have a content update for you this month, we hope you appreciate the stability, speed and simulation quality of the new build. Normal service will resume next month and please continue to log any issues that you may discover.

Release date of Alpha 32: Apr 30th, 2015

Death Row continuedEdit

Main article: Execution

  • A new item in the TODO list shows you the current status of your Death Row prisoners (chance of clemency)
  • New game over event: Criminal Miscarriage of Justice. Occurs if you execute an inmate who is later exonerated of the crime (will not happen if you have reduced his chance of clemency below the legal threshold)

Legal defenseEdit

Main article: Lawyer

  • The lawyer can now provide a last line of legal defense
​If you are on warning (Eg too many deaths in one day), and you fear you will not be able to meet the requirements to avoid being fired, you can use your Lawyer to avert the Game Over event. Can only be used once.

Bug fixesEdit

Original source: Prison Architect Alpha 32

- 0008706: [Save & Load] Autosave text is hard to see (achurch).

- 0008675: [Save & Load] Text Inputs don't work - Save Game Menu broken (achurch).

- 0004466: [Save & Load] Game crash when opening the language tab in the menu (lim_ak).

- 0008454: [Save & Load] Loading non-existing save file "freezes" game (achurch).

- 0004694: [Save & Load] Crash when i click on the saved game to load it. (lim_ak).

- 0006925: [Save & Load] You can sell your prison after it has already been sold (lim_ak).

- 0008712: [Control & User Interface] [Regression] Dismantle utility one by one (FCExB).

- 0004101: [Control & User Interface] Programs starting or ending at noon show as 12am instead of 12pm (lim_ak).

- 0008456: [Control & User Interface] Cancelling utility cancels foundation first (lim_ak).

- 0008647: [Control & User Interface] Cctv, phone and door control wires problem. (achurch).

- 0008598: [Control & User Interface] clone tool behaving weird when on copy mode (achurch).

- 0008455: [Control & User Interface] Completing tutorial (ESC?!?!) (achurch).

- 0002559: [Control & User Interface] "Remove tunnels" material can be placed multiple times (FCExB).

- 0008437: [Control & User Interface] [TABLET] Controls on the Intake screen non-responsive, intake cannot be changed (achurch).

- 0008591: [Control & User Interface] Bureaucracy menu doesn't scale correctly (achurch).

- 0008501: [Control & User Interface] Cannot see prisoner count (achurch).

- 0002070: [Control & User Interface] UI Indicators for Research Requirements (Icepick).

- 0008334: [Control & User Interface] Permanent Punishment is difficult to revoke (Icepick).

- 0008486: [Control & User Interface] Screen sensitivity too high (achurch).

- 0008518: [Control & User Interface] Reports button also interacting with placing objects or materials (achurch).

- 0008503: [Control & User Interface] You can't reopen the keyboard in the "Names in game tab" (achurch).

- 0008495: [Control & User Interface] Bureaucracy, research information persists onscreen after exiting menu (achurch).

- 0008494: [Control & User Interface] Clear Rooms selection creating its own room (achurch).

- 0008419: [Control & User Interface] Unable to buy items after opening bureaucracy (achurch).

- 0008462: [Control & User Interface] IPad version Home menu button still shows the (Esc) shortcut (achurch).

- 0008549: [Control & User Interface] Player prompted to go to press 'H' (achurch).

- 0008416: [Control & User Interface] Death notification does not locate the death (achurch).

- 0008465: [Control & User Interface] Close / X button sizes different (achurch).

- 0008413: [Control & User Interface] Options menu, "Time Lapse" appears but does nothing (achurch).

- 0008434: [Control & User Interface] Overwrite save game dialog is too small (half the size) (achurch).

- 0007681: [Control & User Interface] ToDo list says I have 10 visitors in 40 groups (FCExB).

- 0004517: [Control & User Interface] Can not (directly) dump Laundry Baskets (FCExB).

- 0003845: [Control & User Interface] Selling Shares Bug (lim_ak).

- 0007294: [Control & User Interface] Every other right mouse click is ignored (Icepick).

- 0002668: [Control & User Interface] Unable to remove tunnel at edge of map (FCExB).

- 0005659: [Control & User Interface] Cannot disconnect CCTV or Remote Door Servo from Utilities Screen (FCExB).

- 0006878: [Control & User Interface] Lack of staff results in misleading error message when trying to use a tool (FCExB).

- 0004487: [Control & User Interface] Pathway planning markers won´t disappear (FCExB).

- 0008257: [Control & User Interface] No error message when attempting to start an execution with no execution room (Icepick).

- 0007137: [Control & User Interface] Typing W, A, S or D into the Object Search Bar Shouldn't Move the Camera (FCExB).

- 0008233: [Control & User Interface] Lawyers have an outdated description. (Icepick).

- 0007626: [Control & User Interface] Prison Labour assigning too fast/sensitive (lim_ak).

- 0007942: [Control & User Interface] Crash in Timelapse Options (lim_ak).

- 0008097: [Control & User Interface] Skip button in cutscenes moves with camera (lim_ak).

- 0005122: [Gameplay] Wood is not sold if carpenter tables are in the prison (solution suggested!) (FCExB).

- 0008347: [Gameplay] Execution Detail won't leave prisoner's cell when execution area full of lights (lim_ak).

- 0003967: [Gameplay] trays and pots with 1 cooked ingredient don't get used (Icepick).

- 0007734: [Gameplay] Cooks not preparing food in all kitchens (Icepick).

- 0008545: [Gameplay] Utilites screen (achurch).

- 0008196: [Gameplay] Person can be put back on death row after clemancy. (lim_ak).

- 0005435: [Gameplay] Ingredients (Cooking) are getting move to Storage (Icepick).

- 0004223: [Gameplay] Single hire staff members can be hired more than once when the game is paused (FCExB).

- 0008191: [Gameplay] Prisoners with indefinite solitary/lockdown cannot be released (FCExB).

- 0008185: [Gameplay] Properly conducted execution gives penalty in Valuation tab (FCExB).

- 0008474: [Gameplay] Game crashes or lags IPAD Version (achurch).

- 0005458: [Gameplay] Prison Uniform (Dirty) not getting cleaned (Icepick).

- 0001603: [Gameplay] Prisoners throw dirty clothing into walls (Icepick).

- 0000213: [Gameplay] Room size requirement only checked on tile bounding box. (Icepick).

- 0000925: [Gameplay] Unassigning room tiles does not trigger requirement revalidation (Icepick).

- 0000214: [Gameplay] Rooms can be made up of disconnected tiles (Icepick).

- 0000372: [Gameplay] Placing walls does not subdivide existing rooms (Icepick).

- 0001679: [Gameplay] Wall and door on the same tile (door blocked by wall) (FCExB).

- 0003772: [Gameplay] Riot guards get purchased body armour (lim_ak).

- 0007697: [Gameplay] Forestry is built inside newly built foundations and trees planted (FCExB).

- 0007055: [Gameplay] Workers won't leave truck if foundation is to be built over delivery area (lim_ak).

- 0000422: [Gameplay] Clone tool allows you to copy rooms when you don't have the money for it (FCExB).

- 0006625: [Gameplay] Forestry on Road (FCExB).

- 0007466: [Gameplay] Unlimited money through shares (lim_ak).

- 0003462: [Gameplay] Armed Guard limit increased by uninstalled lockers (lim_ak).

- 0008259: [Gameplay] Adding punishment to a permanent lockdown/solitary prisoner results in over 8000 hours of punishment (Icepick).

- 0008065: [Gameplay] [Tutorial] Edward's cell occupied by newly arrived prisoner (lim_ak).

- 0008213: [Gameplay] You can build drains on walls (FCExB).

- 0000246: [Gameplay] Delivery Trucks that cannot deliver will charge you again each time they retry (FCExB).

- 0006950: [Gameplay] Ingredients not being delivered to kitchens that need them (Icepick).

- 0004433: [Gameplay] Security in Diplomacy allows stationing of guards without Deployment researched (Icepick).

- 0008232: [Gameplay] Can Assign work to prisoners without prison labour if you have micromanagement (Icepick).

- 0007271: [AI & Behaviour] Kitchen staff won't properly dispose of food trays, which accumulates and creates a major blockade (Icepick).

- 0003780: [AI & Behaviour] Logs get sent to Exports on load (FCExB).

- 0002217: [AI & Behaviour] 2 kitchens cause cooks to run between the two unproductively. (Icepick).

- 0003326: [AI & Behaviour] Prisoner Uniforms stay in (staff only?) delivery area (Icepick).

- 0001834: [AI & Behaviour] Cooks have bad priorities for getting food (Icepick).

- 0001863: [AI & Behaviour] Chefs will start a new batch of food before another one fills up, filling cooker slots unnecessarily (Icepick).

- 0007961: [AI & Behaviour] Food Distribution network not identifying Demand for staggered second midnight meal sitting. (Icepick).

- 0007164: [AI & Behaviour] Cooks taking trays to kitchens around the prison (Icepick).

- 0003964: [AI & Behaviour] Cooks work although there is no kitchen defined (Icepick).

- 0008138: [AI & Behaviour] You can execute already executed prisoners (Icepick).

- 0008137: [AI & Behaviour] Reading prisoners will not follow lock down during execution (Icepick).

- 0007148: [AI & Behaviour] Janitors will not deliver laundry to cell blocks if there is a different security designation in the way (Icepick).

- 0007072: [AI & Behaviour] Staggered Eat sessions don't run smoothly (Icepick).

- 0007829: [AI & Behaviour] Cooks do not prepare enough food due to food in storage (Icepick).

- 0004572: [AI & Behaviour] Cooks take food to the staffroom (Icepick).

- 0007263: [AI & Behaviour] The janitors are avoiding cleaning cells that are under lockup. (FCExB).

- 0005822: [AI & Behaviour] Lockup for one security level affects shared as well (FCExB).

- 0001400: [AI & Behaviour] Prisoners walk out of prison (Icepick).

- 0002003: [AI & Behaviour] Prisoners escape, when unloading food from truck. (Icepick).

- 0002344: [AI & Behaviour] Prisoners who work in the kitchen escape (Icepick).

- 0007769: [AI & Behaviour] Prisoners not released if their sentence is served before they are taken to their cell (FCExB).

- 0005066: [AI & Behaviour] Workers not hauling from trucks. (when delivery area needs cleaning) (FCExB).

- 0005005: [AI & Behaviour] no job to transport to lockdown for holding cell prisoners (FCExB).

- 0001716: [AI & Behaviour] Prisoners will not go to sleep (Icepick).

- 0002403: [AI & Behaviour] Cooks fill up Fridges outside Kitchen (Icepick).

- 0000249: [AI & Behaviour] Time Warp Factor doesn't work in bureaucracy (Icepick).

- 0008387: [AI & Behaviour] [exploit?] cookers/fridges not needed to feed 1200 all-solitary prisoners (Icepick).

- 0006207: [AI & Behaviour] Janitors will not do laundry if there is "staff only" access to the laundry room despite them being staff. (lim_ak).

- 0008390: [AI & Behaviour] Prisoners take Laundry basket from Reception (lim_ak).

- 0003365: [AI & Behaviour] If there is a tree in delivery area, can't start map (lim_ak).

- 0007145: [AI & Behaviour] Items wont unload from truck (when building on the delivery zone) (lim_ak).

- 0008391: [AI & Behaviour] Searched Uniforms in reception get taken to Laundry (lim_ak).

- 0008392: [AI & Behaviour] Dead entity doesn't drop job (lim_ak).

- 0005757: [AI & Behaviour] Prisoners "exercising" in giant clump in canteen (Icepick).

- 0008139: [AI & Behaviour] Doctors try to heal dead Prisoners an get stucked (Icepick).

- 0008094: [AI & Behaviour] AI Paths everyone weirdly round drains (FCExB).

- 0003375: [AI & Behaviour] Placement of visitor table and other objects does not clear planning indicator (FCExB).

- 0008156: [AI & Behaviour] Execution Detail pathing failure (Icepick).

- 0008157: [AI & Behaviour] Doctors are stuck in a loop, healing starving prisoners forever. (Icepick).

- 0008136: [AI & Behaviour] Priest, warden & chief freeze on execution screen (Icepick).

- 0007365: [AI & Behaviour] Prisoners handcuffed for no reason on entering canteen (FCExB).

- 0004914: [AI & Behaviour] Cannot remove tunnels on the road (FCExB).

- 0007926: [AI & Behaviour] Activating bangup makes bus drop prisoners in place (lim_ak).

- 0006323: [Graphics] Superior Beds are un-crated when moved from exports to trucks (lim_ak).

- 0008600: [Graphics] Utilities mode when launching tutorial (lim_ak).

- 0008548: [Graphics] Bureaucracy menu blue progress bars [Tablet] (achurch).

- 0008487: [Graphics] Windowed Mode Graphics Option (achurch).

- 0006987: [Graphics] Phone Tap light not correctly placed after rotation (lim_ak).

- 0007623: [Graphics] Prayer mat look weird when against a wall (Icepick).

- 0007703: [Graphics] When loading up a prison and entering bureaucracy, there is a visual bug with unstarted research (FCExB).

- 0001846: [Sound] Master Volume 0 is at Max volume (lim_ak).

- 0008538: [Sound] Audio does not work after an Alarm from the Clock app (achurch).

- 0008438: [Performance] Planning Tool Crashes (achurch).

- 0003320: [Performance] Prison Architect Crashes upon launch (lim_ak).

- 0008458: [Platform Specific Issues] CEO's letter crash (achurch).

- 0001347: [Other] Multiple copies of a prisoner's family arrive at the same time (Icepick).

- 0003059: [Other] two of the same kind building arent supported very well (Icepick).

- 0008336: [Other] Crash on starting Introduction (lim_ak).

- 0008573: [Other] Survey link in news feed doesn't work (achurch).

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