The key change in this version is an overhaul of the Fog Of War system, in response to community feedback.
Prison Architect Alpha 404:27

Prison Architect Alpha 4

Almost immediately after launching Alpha 3 we began to hear from alpha users that the rooftop style fog-of-war (which blocks out the view of the insides of your prison unless you have guards watching the area) was annoying because it stopped you from building things - you just couldn't see what you were doing.

Fog Of War Overhaul

  • Areas hidden by fog-of-war are now rendered in darkened greyscale instead the solid roof effect
  • Walls, floors and Static objects under fog-of-war remain visible but greyed out.
  • Guards and Cctv now have a longer view range.
  • The Chief has a long view range
  • Workmen, Cooks and Doctors have a short view range


  • The game is now more permissive when loading corrupted saved games. It will no longer crash.
  • Errors in the save file will be reported to debug.txt.

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