The Armoury is a room in which Armed Guards reside unless on patrol. One locker is required per armed guard. 
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An example of an Armoury.

Your most vicious and clever prisoners will try to gain access to this room during mass break-outs and riots in an effort to steal fire arms. As such, it is important to ensure the armory is one of the most secure rooms of your prison.

Armed Guards will also rest in the armoury instead of the Staff Room, yet they do not require anything special.

In order to hire a number of Armed Guards, you must have that many Guard Lockers in your Armoury. For example, in order to hire 10 Armed Guards, you must have 10 Guard Lockers in your Armoury. The game will not allow you to place more Armed Guards than the number of Guard Lockers in your Armoury.

Note: While prisoners obtaining guns from the armoury isn't an instant loss, it can very quickly spiral into an uncontrolled riot. If the riot is not subdued quickly (if failure conditions are enabled), the national guards are called in and your prison is taken from you and put under their control (this is one of the few loss conditions in the game).

Requirements Edit

Contraband Edit

The Armory is a source for:

  • Baton (Weapons)
    (Ranged Weapons)
  • Shotgun (Weapons, Metal, Ranged Weapon)
  • Tazer (Weapons, Ranged Weapon)
  • Rifle (Weapons, Metal, Ranged Weapons)
  • Gun / Revolver (Weapons, Metal, Ranged weapon)

Note: your prisoners SHOULD NEVER be able to go into an Armoury, not even for cleaning! It is recommended to use Solitary and Remote Doors.

During warden mode, the following items will show up and can be equipped:

  • Gun/Revolver
  • Tazer
  • Baton
  • Stab Vest (shows up white on the floor but when equipped becomes dark blue)

Tips Edit

  • To prevent prisoners from wandering into the armory, zone the armoury as "staff only".
  • Try adding multiple other rooms with gaurds in front of the armory(for example a security or kenell) to prevent/ slow down prisoners from getting into it during a riot.