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Bangup is a button to the right in the toolbar menu. If activated all willing prisoners will go to their cells and remain there until the bangup is over. If a prisoner is currently performing an illegal act such as attempting to escape, fighting or otherwise is not willing to return to their cell, they will continue with whatever they are doing.

A bangup can be used to help in a variety of situations such as:

  • During a Shakedown to get all prisoners back to their cells
  • During a Riot, to get all prisoners who are not involved to their cells and out of harms way.
  • During high risk construction that may allow prisoners to escape

Note that during a riot, prisoners may attempt to incite those who are currently in 'bangup' to join in.

If you leave a Bangup active for too long, the needs of each prisoner may begin to reach a critical point, causing vandalism, fights and riots to start breaking out. As such, starting a Bangup may do more harm than good as it restricts prisoners abilities to satisfy their needs.

To cancel a Bangup, simply tap the Bangup button again.

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