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Inaccesible door bugEdit

When you close a door when there is a light on the same place, you cant acces the door anymore, and since the door is locked, you dump the light. And if you want to unlock the door the light is in the way. So you're stuck with a bugged door.

Solution: Press TAB while your mouse is over the light. 

Versions affected: alpha 36b pc steam

Versions patched: ?

Game super speedie milisecond freeze bugEdit

when opening prison architect game freezes for 0.5 of a second every second 

note: autosave freezing is different changing setting WILL NOT FIX THIS 

solution: none

versions affected:alpha 36b pc steam

versions patched: ?

Dead Prisoner BugEdit

Dead prisoners won't be carried to morgue. It shows todo: heal prisoner. Probably as a result of this doctors don't function properly and get stuck.

Solution: ?

Versions Affected: Alpha; 31b pc steam, Xbox 1 edition

Version Patched: ?

Confidential Informants BugEdit

The list of confidential informants work even when you have prisoner profile above it, which means that when you try to relocate everyone who has certain amount or certain traits, you end up frustrated as every time you try to change profile tab, you run mouse over some CI's name and the camera relocates to follow him or even worse, you accidentally activate your CI.


Menus shouldn't work when under another menu. Also specific button to find CI and another toggleable to follow CI should be put after the name, like the activate button, so your camera wouldn't move when you accidentally run cursor over CI's name.

Versions Affected: 1.0

Version Patched: ?

Phone tap BugEdit

Can't see which phones are bugged and which are not, as the UI isn't showing connections for them. Also their connecting is really annoying, especially if your spying Security Office is miles away like mine. There should be some way to connect multiple points for same Phone tapping machine or even better, all the phones should be automatically connected to all listening machines, but amount of manned listening machines limit how many phones can be listened simultaneously.

Solution: ?

Versions Affected: 1.0

Version Patched: ?

0 queue Parole BugEdit

Parole queue remains at zero even if prisoners meet the 50% or 75% sentence served.

Solution: ?

Versions Affected: Alpha; 29; 11f

Version Patched: ?

Linux AutoSave BugEdit

The autosave on linux system (or at least fedora and ubuntu) make crash the game without error message.

Solution: disabled the autosave.

Versions Affected: Alpha; 20

Version Patched: Bugbash

Note: Does not happen on Ubuntu 12.04. Auto-save works just fine (I've had it set to both the default timer and to 30 minutes without issue.)

Note: Does not happen in LMDE (sp8) with Alpha 24.

Note: Does crash on Debian Sid. Crashes at any save, autosave or regular. The game complete the save before the crash occurs.

Note: Crashes on both regular save and autosave on Ubuntu 13.10. The save completes before crashing.

Note: Seemingly fixed in the "Bugbash" beta. Saving works on Ubuntu.

No entrance BugEdit

When extending a foundation by building a new foundation next to it, it sometimes doesn't register that it has a door to the outside.

Versions Affected: 20, Xbox 1 edition

Version Patched: ?

Solution: Sometimes but not always building an extra door or canceling and rebuilding the entire foundation works.

Room BugEdit

When building a cell block, you will fail the Enclosed cell test when the cells are enclosed. It is unknown what causes this but can be pretty frustrating especially when you have never run a good prison before.

Versions Affected: 17

Version Patched: ?

Solution: If you section off your cells one by one instead of whole rows at a time seems to fix the problem the majority of the time.

Laundry BugEdit

After the prisoners get all the dirty clothes, they will group on a random place on your laundry, not getting any work done and slowly raising the complaints.

Prisoners won't move laundry basket to collect and replace dirty clothes.

Versions Affected: Alpha; 11, 12, 13 and 13b and all alphas until 25. Xbox one edition

Version Patched:?

Solution: Seems to be sometimes caused by a bugged laundry cart, dismantling all carts servicing that area and then reassembling is a possible solution.

Garbage BugEdit

Garbage trucks delivers garbage bags into your prison's delivery section if you place garbage bags room before deliveries.

This will slow down construction speed by occupying workmen by doing meaningless job loading and unloading garbage bags.

Versions Affected: ?

Version Patched: ?

Solution: Place garbage further south on the map than deliveries.

Workmen won't break open no access rooms when orderedEdit

Rooms whose doors have not been installed in time will become No Access in the deployment screen and any jobs involving that room will be queued up and never completed. Even if the job was to break down the wall to allow access.

Versions Affected: Alpha: 14

Version Patched: alpha 25

Solution: Sack (fire) a worker, and then spawn a worker inside the room or area and they will tear down the wall or whatever happens to be in the way. A waste of some money, but it fixes your problem. 

Secondary Solution: Make an adjacent room to the room with no access and make a passage between them.

Door vs. Light-Bulb and/or DrainEdit

When placing a light-bulb or a drain in a doorway, setting the door status to 'lock' will make the door inaccessible. The player can only reach the light-bulb or the drain by clicking. The closed door prevents workmen from reaching their destination, they can therefore neither remove the door nor the obstacle.

Versions Affected: ?

Version Patched: ?

Solution: Pressing tab while hovering over multiple objects on a single square cycles through them. Click on the door and set it to unlocked. If this does not work, have the workmen dismantle the light bulb or drain then open the door by clicking on it and setting it to unlocked. If all of your workers are unable to dismantle the light because they currently are holding something waiting to be installed, click on them then right click somewhere close by to have them drop their object. They then should take on the task of dismantling the light.

Riot Music BugEdit

If, during a riot, you create a new world, the riot music will continue to play, even though a prison riot is not underway.

Versions Affected: Most, if not all versions.

Version Patched: ?

Solution: Restart your game.

Fast Forward Buttons Not WorkingEdit

For some players the >> and >>> fast forward buttons do nothing. The game remains at the same speed regardless of what is done. The game still can be paused.

Note: Some players experience a slowing down of time when the buttons are clicked. This is most likely caused not by the bug but is the result of a slower computer not being able to handle the work load.

Versions Affected: Alpha; 16

Version Patched: ?

Solution: Use Cheat Engine And Activate Speedhack to around 2x(>>) or 5x(>>>)

Game Crash On Start UpEdit

The first time players start the game or first time after updating the game will crash, sometimes giving a brief glimpse of the world before closing. There is multiple causes to this. The primary reason is an error with the preferences.txt file where it is not generated. If this is the cause your debug log will say the following:

alpha-13 pc steam compiled 14:19:43, Aug 29 2013

Loading Preferences from C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local/Introversion/Prison Architect/preferences.txt

Failed to find C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local/Introversion/Prison Architect/preferences.t

Solution: Open notepad and copy this →ScreenW 1920 ScreenH 1080 ScreenWindowed false ScreenMultiSampled false ScreenSuperSampled true SoundVolume 0 SoundSwapStereo true SoundEnableDsp true RenderRooms true RecentMap (empty) FirstTime true AutoSaveTimer 10 HardwareCompat 0 LastKnownVersion alpha-13b-pc-steam TimeLapseCamera 0 TimeLapseInterval 1 TimeLapseFPSNumerator 24 TimeLapseFPSDenominator 1 TimeLapseQuality 63← into the document (Remove the <.nowiki> tabs before saving). Save it as preferences.txt and place it in the same folder where you installed the game. If you have a windows computer and installed it to the default directory it will be in C:\Users\user name here\AppData\Local\Introversion\Prison Architect

It has been suggested that another cause of this is out of date drivers.

Solution: For windows users, go into your control panel and open "Hardware and Sound", From there access "Device Manager" and update your drives. Try updating "Display Adapters" first.\

Versions Affected: Alpha; 13, 13b, 14, 15, 16, 24, Xbox 1 edition

Version Patched: ?

Export Delivery BugEdit

Placing the Exports Room north of a Deliveries Room that is enclosed behind a Perimeter Fence with 2 Road Gates causes trucks to stop before reaching the delivery dock so that the workers can load all exported goods (License plates, Super Beds, and Wood) onto the truck. The fully loaded truck then pulls up to deliveries, everything including the recently loaded exported goods is unloaded and an empty truck leaves. The workers move the exported goods to the Exports Room and the cycle continues resulting in an endlessly growing supply of exported goods.

Solution: Placing the Deliveries north of the Exports Room will fix the issue.

Versions Affected: Alpha; 19

Version Patched: ?

Workers deliver cooked food to storage Edit

Often, workers will grab the cooked food from either the kitchen or the canteen and take it to the storage.

Solution: Dumping the cooked food and/or removing the storage room.

Versions Affected: Alpha; 20-25b

Version Patched: ?

Cooks refuse to work Edit

Sometimes, cooks will not cook any food even if they have the ingredients and a working kitchen.

Solution: You will have to go into Intel and select the prison area into the canteen. Then they will start cooking.

Versions Affected: Alpha 29 Alpha 32

Version Patched: ?

Black Screen Bug Edit

Rarely, when the game is launched a black screen pops up with the cursor saying it's loading. After about 10 to 15 seconds the game crashes. Also, on Windows 8 the same problem may occur if you launch the game in safe mode.

Versions Affected: Alpha 29, Xbox 1 edition

Version Patched: ?

Jobs glitching Edit

Often if an inmate is allowed to fight or destroy things for too long, any route near to the incident location will become blocked, due to being "too dangerous" even after the incident is resolved. This can cause damaged equipment to go un-repaired, guards refusing to search and/or process the prisoner(s) involved, and even unconscious prisoners eventually die from their injuries.

Solution: Re-load the save file (Or wait until the game autosaves and then re-load that), which will then reset all routes and permit repairs, searches, etc. to go ahead as planned.

Versions Affected: 6.0

Version Patched: ?

Prisioner Delivery Glitch Edit

When getting the max possible ammount of prisioners at once (400) prisioners will keep on ariving even after passing 400

Solution: None

Versions Affected:?

Version Patched: ?

Room Building Glitch Edit

Searching for a room can cause the room building menu to stay open.

Solution: Save your game and it will close.

"Unknown sound format" Error Edit

Mods replacing sounds will cause this error.

Soultion: None

Versions Affected: PC, Steam.

Versions Patched:?