CCTV Camera can be put on walls and reveal fog of war. CCTVs require a CCTV Monitor to work. In an open room the camera has a visual range of 20 blocks.

CCTV monitor must be connected with the camera by choosing the "connect" tool from the utilities tab, clicking the CCTV Monitor, then clicking the CCTV Camera. After you click the Monitor, a green line will stretch from the monitor to your mouse until you click on something to connect. (Note: holding the shift key while clicking on a CCTV Camera to connect it to the Monitor will allow you to connect other Cameras without clicking Connect on the Monitor each time.)

In order to connect the camera successfully, the CCTV camera must be connected from the monitor to the camera, connecting from the camera to the monitor does nothing.

Each CCTV monitor can 'watch' 8 cameras at a time. Additional cameras will cause the monitor to rotate through them on the station watched by the guard. The more cameras attached (beyond 8), the longer the wait time before it will be viewed again in the rotation.

Also as of Alpha 19, CCTV cameras can see through walls. (which has been reported to the bug tracker)

Requirements Edit

  • CCTV Monitor
  • A connection from a CCTV Monitor to the CCTV Camera with wires (click "Connect" from the CCTV Monitor)
  • Power
  • A Guard stationed at the CCTV Monitor

Bugs Edit

  • CCTV cameras will see through walls.