CI stands for Confidential informant which can be any prisoner. They can be found by viewing your prisoners who were punished in solitary confinement while your 'informants' screen (found in the intelligence tab) is active. If there is a suitable target, a yellow circle will appear around the prisoner. You will now be able to recruit through clicking on the prisoner, the experience tab, and lastly on the recruit informant button ( which is located right next to the picture). They will leave their punishment and appear on a list on top of your screen.

A confidental informant is a prisoner that provides information of your prison. To get information, you must summon them to your security rooms. To do this click the blinking 'idle/activate' button. As soon as they arrive they will reveal information about three major topics: first of all, it will show what deals were made throughout your prison. Secondly, any '????' prisoner trait might be revealed. The third topic are the assassination targets (mostly snitches, ex-law enforcment, or ex-prison guard, which you should move to protective custody if possible).

The amount of information you get depends on the coverage of the prisoner. this percent increases over time. Being in protective custody constantly lowers this percentage drastically. Beware of summoning a prisoner too much or breaking up deals (while the informant is active), as this will increase the suspicion level of the other inmates, to the point that they themselves might be an assassination target. Suspicion will decrease if the informant isn't summoned for a while.

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