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Rooms in Prison Architect refer to an area marker, rather than a fully furnished block that looks like a certain room. Currently there are 32 different rooms. Some rooms have requirements, for example to be indoors or for a certain object to be present in the room area or to be no smaller than a certain size. Other rooms have no requirements, it means what they can be both indoors and outdoors, have no objects in them, and be as small as 1x1. The Rooms tab is found under the Menu

There is no limit to how large a room can be and any object can be placed in any room. It is not always necessary for rooms to be separated by the walls or doors. However, since two same type rooms that are placed near each other will merge into one room, at least 1M(tile) of space is required for them not to merge.

Note: Room size requirements refer to the minimum size of the bounding box for a room (i.e. the smallest rectangle the room fits into). The rooms themselves don't need to be rectangular. 

Below is the table of available room types. Click on each of them for more information:

PA Cell PA HoldingCell PA Solitary PA Canteen PA Kitchen
Cell Holding Cell Solitary Canteen Kitchen
PA Shower PA Yard PA Storage PA Deliveries PA Garbage
Shower Yard Storage Deliveries Garbage
PA Execution PA Workshop PA Security PA Office PA Infirmary
Execution Workshop Security Office Infirmary
PA Morgue PA CommonRoom PA Laundry PA Visitation PA CleaningCupboard
Morgue Common Room Laundry Visitation Cleaning Cupboard
PA Kennel PA Armoury PA Staffroom PA Library PA Forestry
Kennel Armoury Staff room Library Forestry
PA Classroom PA Exports PA Chapel PA Parole PA Reception
Classroom Exports Chapel Parole Reception
PA MailRoom PA Shop
Mail Room Shop Dormitory Family Room


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