Prison Guards transporting prisoners to their cell.

Staff members are the foundation of your prison. You need them to do everything such as building, cleaning, guarding, healing and more. There are two 'tiers' of staff: basic and advanced. Basic staff are unlocked at the beginning of the game and allow you to get the basic necessities of the prison working. However, if you wish to expand your prison, advanced staff is a must as they allow you to earn more, make the prison look better, heal prisoners and more.

Basic Staff Edit

  • Workman - Responsible for all building work in the prison, including objects, utilities and foundations as well as repairing damaged objects.
  • Guard - Responsible for looking after and moving prisoners, guarding areas and patrolling.
  • Cook - Responsible for cooking meals to feed your prison population.


Administrators give you access to advanced features and staff though the Warden's Bureaucracy.  They typically cost more initially and have higher daily salaries than the basic staff.

  • Warden - The Warden's purpose is to unlock the Bureaucracy which lets you research and hire advanced staff. Unlocks Regime.
  • Chief - The Chief lets you research further in the Security section. Unlocks Danger level.
  • Foreman - The Foreman lets you research further in the Maintenance section.
  • Psychologist - The Psychologist lets you hover over prisoners and view their needs, also unlocks the needs menu. Can also be used for reform programs.
  • Lawyer - As of alpha 31, the lawyer can unlock death row, permanent solitary/lockdown and smaller cell spaces.
  • Accountant - The Accountant lets you spend more per day and unlocks more government grants.

Advanced StaffEdit

  • Doctor - Responsible for healing injured prisoners and Staff.
  • Gardener - Responsible for cleaning and tending the exterior of the prison.
  • Janitor - Responsible for cleaning the interior of the prison.
  • Armed Guard - Armed version of the standard guard that can use deadly force with a shotgun in hand when authorised.
  • Dog Handler - Guards paired with Dogs, used to find tunnels and sniff out smelly contraband.
  • Sniper - Guards armed with sniper rifles and stationed in guard towers, keep the prison walls secure and neutralize escapees.

Emergency Staff Edit

Emergency staff can only be called in through emergency services and typically only stay at the prison temporarily.

  • Riot Guard - Armored and better able to deal with violent situations.
  • Paramedics - Can revive your guards and heal your staff and prisoners, and are not afraid of entering riot zones.
  • Firemen - Firemen will put out fires in your prison with water.
  • National Guard - The last line of defense. they are capable of putting down any riot. Although that this is a loss condition. The National Guard will only visit your prison if a riot has gone on for too long and many prisoners escape. The National Guard take the prison from you and do not return it to your control. Making it game over.

External Staff Edit

Special staff that come outside from the prison to peform specific and temporary tasks, most likely to lead Program sessions.

  • Teacher - Leads education programs in a Classroom.
  • Parole Officer - Leads Parole Hearing sessions in a Parole Room. Be careful, if the parole is negated, the prisoner may become angry and attack him.
  • Parole Lawyer - Assists Parole Hearing sessions with the Parole Officer. The prisoner, however, will not attack this NPC.
  • Spiritual Leader - Leads Spiritual Guidance sessions in a Chapel.