There are no official cheat codes in Prison Architect. However, you can cheat by editing some of the game save files. A few examples are listed below:

Accessing the files

  • Start the game, go to the main menu and click "open saves folder".


  • File directory (Windows): C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Introversion\Prison Architect\saves
  • File directory (Mac OS): /Users/%username%/Library/Application Support/Prison Architect/saves
  • File directory (Linux): /home/%username%/.Prison Architect/saves

Misconduct-free Prison

This will stop prisoners from rioting and fighting, therefore reducing prison escapes and deaths.

  • Open the save file.
  • Find "EnabledMisconduct".
  • Change "true" to "false.
  • Save the file then re-load your prison.

Unlimited Money

You can change your in-game balance to anything you like!

  • Open save file.
  • Find "UnlimitedFunds".
  • Change the "false" to "true"
  • Alternatively, look for "balance" and set the following number to the value you want

Enabling Gangs

  • To add gangs to a prison created before Alpha 34, add EnabledGangs true to each .prison file (above EnabledDecay).

Changing the warden

  • search for "BEGIN Wardens    Warden 0  END" where the 0 can be a different number depending on your warden,
  • Enter 0 for the default warden.
  • 1 for "The Lobbyist"
  • 2 for "Rita"
  • 3 for "J.W. Periwinkle"
  • 4 for "The Pacifier"
  • 5 for "Saphara Acknova"
  • Save file and re-open your prison, your warden should be changed accordingly


  • Look for "Research"
  • You'll find a list with all of the things you can research
  • In every line there is a value, ranging from 0.0000000 to 1.0000000, describing the progress of said research
  • Set it to 1.0000000 to finish it instantly, you can choose any value you'd like though

Changing the name of a prisoner

Step by step instructions:

1) Pick one of your prison saves on the game.

2) Go onto this prison and find a prisoner.

3) Remember this prisoners first or last name.

4) Go onto prison architect save files on your computer and open the save file of the prison you just picked.

5) Click 'control f' or 'command f' and a search bar should come up.

6) Type the first or last name of the prisoner.

7) Replace the first and last with your own name in Exactly the same place as the name before it.

8) Save the file and done.