The Chief of Security will allow you to research further in the Security Section of Bureaucracy. The Chief will let you research:

As well as letting you research into these areas, he is required for the Danger level of the prison to be visible. As of Alpha 15, he can get tired and will leave his office and head to the Staff room like any other staff member (excluding Dog handlers and Armored Guards ).
Other than research and presenting the danger level of your prison, the Chief will give you access to the Intelligence screen, where you can recruit confidential informants, view all the known character traits of the prisoners and view all the known places where contraband is stashed or will be smuggled (information obtained from the informants). Even more, you will see all the places from where the prisoners will be able to get contraband, and also, the Chief will make a Supply and Demand report in the intelligence screen, where you will see the supply and the demand of weapons, tools, luxuries and drugs in your prison.
The Chief is also the only staff member that can lead the Tazer Certification Program. No one else can teach the guards how to use the tazers.

Requires the Security (Office) complete with requirements.


Even though they are the Chief of  Security they will not be able to attack or suppress any prisoner, not even look at the CCTV Monitor. This is because they are classified under admin not under guard.

Riot guards used to have to be researched before unlocked as an emergency force, until more recent updates.

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