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The Cleaning Cupboard room is used to store bleach, but is effectively only used to assign prisoners to cleaning duty. Janitors don't need a Cleaning Cupboard, they will perform cleaning duties anyway.


  • Minimum size: 3x3


The Cleaning Cupboard is a source for:
  • Club (Weapons, Improvised)
  • Poison (Narcotics, Smelly)

Room SizeEdit

The Cleaning Cupboard offers 1 job place for a working prisoner every 4 squares.
Maximum size: 20 job places = 80 squares, for example 8x10 (within the walls)
A calculator has been made to help determine the best way to build: Google Spreadsheet

Cleaning Staff Only areasEdit

The prisoners assigned to cleaning duty aren't able to gain access and clean rooms which are marked as Staff only. These rooms can only be cleaned by janitors.

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