Alpha 15 Clock with four set speeds.

The Clock window is located in the top right of the screen. You can change its position by clicking on the Clock and dragging it around. It's also possible to re-size it, by clicking on the white corner in the bottom right and dragging it.

After Alpha 26 it is now possible to use a digital clock, and also has the option of using 12 hour or 24 hour version. In the Main Menu go to "Options", then to "Game" to change the setting.


At the top is the clock's location. It provides you with the in-game time. Every hour you will get a part of your income, and by the end of the day you will have received all of your daily income which is obtained by having Prisoners and/or Workshops. You will also get a default of $2000 Federal Grant money per day.


In the middle of the display is where the current Regime is listed. You can change the schedule of the Regime in Reports under the appropriate tab, provided you have hired a Warden .

If you click on it, the Report tab will open and it will automatically select Regime.

Regime types by room

Needs addressed (with appropriate items)

Rooms Optimisation tip
Lockup Cell; Holding Cell Note that prisoners shouldn't be locked up for more than 5 hours a day, they get no needs done.
Sleep Sleep; Bladder; Bowels Cell; Holding Cell
Eat Food Canteen
Shower Hygiene Shower
Yard Exercise; Freedom; Comfort; Family Yard
FreeTime Bladder; Bowels; Sleep; Hygiene; Exercise; Family; Recreation; Comfort; Freedom Cell; Holding Cell; Canteen; Yard; Common Room; Shower Use lots of this to address most needs
Work (No job) Same as freetime  Works as freetime
Work (Kitchen) Food

Kitchen; Canteen 

Decreases prison labour costs
Work (Laundry) Clothing Laundry; All Cells; Holding Cell Decreases prison labour costs
Work (Cleaning)  Environment Everywhere (Including armoury etc.) Decreases prison labour costs

If you are low on a particular need, you may need to add more of a certain Regime type.

Needs addressed in each Regime


Regime What you need Optimisation tip
Bladder Sleep; FreeTime; Lockup Toilet Ensure some Lockup/FreeTime during the day or this won't be addressed
Bowels Sleep; FreeTime; Lockup Toilet Ensure some Lockup/FreeTime during the day or this won't be addressed
Sleep Sleep; FreeTime; Lockup Bed ONLY
Food Eat ONLY Not all prisoners might get to eat in a sitting, so at least 2 per day seems good.  
Safety Guards and a happy prison. Prison Danger controls this need
Hygiene Shower; FreeTime Shower This can be addressed during FreeTime usually. 
Exercise Yard; FreeTime WeightSet Sometimes if no weight sets are present, prisoners can run around for exercise.
Family FreeTime (?) Phone; Visitation Table;

Mail Room

Recreation Yard; FreeTime; Nothing TV Should put TVs or radios in cells to lower this need at sleep and lockup time.
Comfort Yard; FreeTime; Lockup TV
Environment Work (Cleaning) Janitors and a cleaning cupboard. Note: You need the regime set to work, prison labour and cleaning to be unlocked and prisoners working in the Cleaning Cupboard.
Privacy This will go down if kept in a Holding Cell
Freedom Yard; FreeTime Being in Yard/Outside
Clothing Work Laundry, janitors and prisoners. You need prison labour to unlock Laundry.

You also change the meal quality and variety here, and view the resulting cost. 

Speed OptionsEdit

There are 4 different speed options:


This setting will pause the game making everything stop. You can still queue tasks during this, and it is very useful when designing and managing your prison.


This is the normal speed of the game which it starts in as default.


This will speed up the game to approximately 2 times the normal speed.

Very FastEdit

Further increases game speed. This is very useful when you're waiting on your Workmen to finish their jobs. This is 5 times the normal speed.

Occasionally, when running at high speeds, workers, janitors, and gardeners will become "trapped" in a sense and unable to reach the spot they are standing near because they overstep it. Whether this results in lower efficiency or not is unknown.

Trivia Edit

  • Alpha 26 introduced the digital clock as said above.