Upper Bar - Danger

Upper Bar - Danger

Danger is a measure of the overall danger level of your prison, according to your Chief of Security. Introduced in Alpha 10, the danger levels are only shown if you have hired a Chief of Security via the bureaucracy menu.

When the danger level is sufficiently high, riots, fights, and escape attempts will occur in the prison.

All prisoners have a "boiling point", which can triggered by any the following circumstances:

When a prisoner reaches their "boiling point", they will turn hostile and begin to steal more contraband, fight more often, make escape attempts, and participate in or even start riots.

  • Minimum security prisoners are the least likely to reach their boiling point.
  • Medium security prisoners will reach their boiling point quicker than minimum security.
  • Maximum security prisoners will reach their boiling point at the quickest rate of all prisoners.


Some negative, neutral, and positive factors of danger are listed here.

Positive factors decrease danger, neutral discourages misconduct, and negative factors increase danger.

+ : Negative | - : Positive | = : Neutral

  • - Prisoners say they are well treated.
  • - Prisoners are Well Fed.
  • - Prisoners have been calmed recently
  • - Your Warden is having a calming effect on prisoners. - If the Warden 'Pacifier' is chosen.
  • + GANG MEMBERS ARE FURIOUS (Leader is being punished)
  • + Prisoners have serious complaints.
  • + Prisoners are locked up for no reason.
  • + Prisoners were searched for no reason.
  • + Prisoners were left shackled too long.
  • + Riot police are on site.
  • + Armed Guards are on site.
  • + Prisoners are rioting.
  • + People have been murdered recently.
  • = Prisoners have been punished recently.
  • = Prisoners are suppressed (compliant).

Feel free to add to discovered factors about danger, these are my known factors.