Dead guards

Several dead Guards in a morgue

Death can occur in the hands of either Guards or Prisoners. Guards will injure or knock prisoners unconscious in order to subdue them, and then put them in handcuffs. Prisoners, however, may kill one another during brawls which can lead to prisoners killing your guards if they get involved. Prisoners will also kill your staff members if they are in the vicinity of a fight.

If a Morgue with an unoccupied Morgue Slab is present, a guard will take the corpse there. If there is no Morgue then the corpse will be taken to the Infirmary. Shortly afterwards a Hearse will arrive on the road and the corpse will then be brought to the hearse, and the hearse will take the dead body away.

Causes of Death: Edit

  • Violence - Prisoners can pick up dropped batons and weapons during riots, and kill other prisoners and staff with them. Armed Guards can be given the order to use shotguns against prisoners, which can either knock them unconscious or maim and possibly kill them. National Guards fire at will to those who don't surrender. Dog Handlers' Dogs will go attack any prisoner if the Owner is killed. Snipers will shoot to kill if Freefire is on, or if the prisoners don't react to the warning shots.

  • Fire - Cookers and Laundry Machines will most commonly start fires, look out for these areas during riots. Place sprinklers and watch for damaged equipment. A fire can be started at a power station if it comes in contact with water. Angry prisoners with Lighters can also start fires.
  • Starvation - Prisoners need food to survive. If they are not fed for 5 days in a row, they will begin to slowly lose health and die. Cruel players may use this to intentionally kill troublesome inmates.
  • Reputation - Prisoners can have 4 reputations that influence if they can become a target. "Cop Killer" will make guards want to kill a prisoner with that trait, while "Snitch", "Ex Law Enforcement", "Federal Witness", and "Ex Prison Guard" will make other prisoners want to kill a prisoner with that trait.
  • Overdose - Rarely, after prisoners take a type of narcotic contraband, they can overdose. This is indicated by a status effect, and if they are not taken into the Infirmary before the effect wears off, they will die.
  • Execution - Occurs only for death-row inmates via the electric chair.
  • Virus - As of Alpha 36, there is an random event in which a virus spreads around the prison. Prisoners can die from a stronger variant of this if left untreated.
  • Workshop Accident - As of Alpha 36, there is an random event where a prisoner injures himself in the workshop. If you do not escort him to the Infirmary, he will bleed out and die.
  • Cold Exposure - As of Update 6, prisoners left outside in extremely cold conditions (for example in an outdoor solitary confinement cage) can die of exposure. This feature was later disabled in a hotfix for causing mass deaths in prisons during winter.