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Anything arriving by supply truck will initially be moved to Deliveries, including prisoners.  For example, ingredients, uniforms, cleaning supplies, pipes, bricks, ovens etc. Prisoners will walk out of the bus while workmen unload all other items.

Newly arrived prisoners will not attempt to escape even if Deliveries is not enclosed or if the prisoner has an available path to the edge of the map. Notice that such prisoners are handcuffed.

The minimum room size for Deliveries is 1x3, however it is advisable to prevent Deliveries from being full for extended periods. As of Alpha 30, Truck Drivers can get out of the truck and unload goods into Deliveries.

Caution Edit

After unlocking prison labour, prisoners will be tasked with hauling certain items from Deliveries, such as sheet metal to the workshop and prison uniforms to the laundry.  Guards will unlock doors as required so that prisoners can complete those hauling jobs. If the prisoner has an unrestricted path to the edge of the map he will cancel the hauling job and attempt to escape.

There are two ways to prevent this. One method is to enclose/secure Deliveries and all paths prisoners might take while carrying out hauling jobs. It is now possible to secure roads using road gates, which function like prison doors across roads, and require guards to open them. Alternatively, you can prevent those jobs from being assigned to prisoners by assigning Deliveries as a Staff-Only area (requires Deployment).  In that case, only workmen will be responsible for hauling.

As of Alpha 15, Deliveries can be placed anywhere on the map.  It no longer needs to be adjacent to the road, nor does it need to be placed north of Garbage.

A dog patrol and metal detector in the deliveries section is highly recommended to prevent any narcotics, metallic items and/or alcohol from siphoning into your prison undetected.

Please at least have a Deliveries Room, if there is no Deliveries Room located in your prison, truck drivers will drive past your prison without leaving anything behind. You will end up losing a lot of money if more truck drivers drive past your prison because of buying for the stuff that wasn't dropped off in the first place.

Tips & Tricks Edit

  • Be careful not to buy too much stuff at once (It's pretty easy when you have the clone tool) or you'll have your deliveries full, and no more trucks will be able to arrive until everything as been delivered.
  • You can make your delivery area more efficient by putting your garbage and export areas 8-10 meters below the delivery area. If you've got a wall next to the road put in a door for the garbage and exports as well. Now your trucks will move forward to pick up the garbage and exports leaving the deliveries area open for the next truck.