The Delivery Truck is a multipurpose vehicle that delivers materials and items to your prison and takes away garbage and exports. With each new prison, it drops off 6 Workmen and a few starting supplies. Trucks can hold up to 8 objects, ingredients, materials, and garbage at one time. Template:Infobox Vechicle


Trucks will deliver different things to your prison. If you buy new objects or materials, the truck will deliver them. They will also will drop off new ingredients and food trays for the cooks in the kitchen. All of these will be delivered to the deliveries area, where they'll be unloaded by your workman, the Driver, or any assigned prisoners.

Garbage and ExportsEdit

Trucks will also come to take away garbage and exports from your prison. The trucks will come to their respective areas where your workmen, the driver and prisoners will load them.

Truck Drivers Edit

Truck Drivers are new to the game in alpha 28. They will automatically spawn a truck driver next to the truck to help out with the loading and unloading task.

  • He will help unload the deliveries and load garbage and exports.
  • The truck can't leave until he returns.
  • However, if he dies or falls unconscious whilst doing his job, or takes too long to return (>1 hour), the truck will leave without him and he will be forced to walk home.
  • As of Alpha 30, prisoners are now delivered by Prison Buses instead of Delivery Trucks.

As of Alpha 29, Truck Drivers have their own skin, which is similar to the Janitors.

Tips Edit

  • A Truck will start to deliver its goods after it reaches the Delivering Zone. However it has to wait for any prior Trucks to be done delivering. You can speed that up with a larger Delivering Zone (or multiple Zones) with more space directly connected to the Road.
  • The Spaces needed for x Trucks to deliver at the Same Time:
  • 2 Trucks : 14 Spaces
  • 3 Trucks : 24 Spaces
  • 4 Trucks : 34 Spaces
  • 5 Trucks : 44 Spaces
  • Make Sure that the first Truck can drive all the Way down and is not blocked by, for example, a closed Road Gate. The first Truck would start delivering earlier, but this would cause the last Truck in Line to not deliver until the Trucks in Front of him move.
  • Interestingly, since a Delivery Truck is an object, it can be damaged by prisoners like any other indoor or outdoor doodad.
  • Place the Export and Garbage zones after the Deliveries Zone. This way, a truck can first offload it's cargo to the Deliveries zone, then pick up a load of garbage and/or exports.
  • With some careful placement of the garbage area on the road one can auto load trucks, though it does take some tweaking.