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Deployment is a menu that allows you to deploy your guards to specific stations/rooms, set up patrols and designate areas as minimum/medium/maximum security or staff only, and assign Prison Labour jobs.  When opening the deployment menu an overlay is activated that shows the designations, patrols and stations.

Each area closed in by walls or doors can be separately assigned guard stations or a designation. Patrols are set up on grid scale. Multiple guards can be stationed in the same area.

When using the overlay if a guard is stationed a blue line is visible to the station marker he is currently stationed. Un-populated station markers are greyed out.

As of Alpha 9, there is an option called "Jobs" which is used to assign prisoners to work at a certain place. It can also be impossible to assign prisoners to work in a Laundry or a Workshop due to a bug. This can be (somewhat) fixed by connecting the workroom with a cleaning cupboard and not separating the two rooms with walls. Prisoners can then be assigned to there as a job and they will work both the cleaning, and the workshop. The Deployment tap is found in the Menu.


Tips, Tricks and HintsEdit

  • Do not station all of your guards when the stations can not cover the entire prison. If something happens too far out of range from any guard, there will be no one to respond to it. By leaving a few guards un-stationed they will generally respond to problems.
  • By designating areas such as the kitchen, and the corridors leading up to it as staff only, you can greatly reduce the amount of knives stolen. The same principle applies to storage.
  • If you have fenced off your entire prison, you could designate the entire area inside and outside the fence as staff only to isolate cell blocks from each other. Do remember to provide passage to canteens and showers if these are in a separate building.
  • Unlocked areas have all doors Locked Open. This can of course be overridden by placing the prison in Lockdown.
  • Prisoners can be escorted into Staff Only areas by a Guard.
  • Shared areas are accessible by all prisoners, guards, staff, and visitors.
  • Min Sec Only, Med Sec Only, and Max Sec Only areas limit access to their respective class of prisoner only.

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