Drug addiction is a feature added in Alpha 20. Prisoners may take drugs if they are unhappy and will develop addictions over time. Some prisoners will already be addicted to drugs when they arrive in your prison.

Your prisoners will be able to get access to a variety of narcotics. Booze, cocaine (called "drugs") and heroin ("needle") are the three that appear to be habit-forming, althouh other varieties of narcotics exist.

The prisoners can obtain drugs these ways:

  • They can steal booze from offices (while cleaning non-staff-only areas or during therapy).
  • They can smuggle drugs and alcohol through visitation.
  • They can steal drugs from your infirmary.
  • Booze and narcotics may arrive hidden in supplies (e.g. food or sheet metal). A prisoner who interacts with those supplies will discover and keep the contraband.
  • They can use a phone or visitation and arrange to have contraband thrown over the walls to them sometime in the next 24 hours.

Combating drug addiction: Edit

The drug addictions can be stopped in two ways:

  • You can lock the addicted prisoners in their cells or in solitary by clicking on the prisoner and choosing "Punish." The prisoner will probably not be happy about this.
  • You can start programs for treating the alcohol and drug addiction. These programs take place in the common rooms or infirmary.

If prisoners are not able to take drugs for a long period of time they will go into withdrawal. This may result in them not wanting to take drugs again.

Also, the drug addicted prisoners (not alcoholics) are at risk of overdose. If this happens you must immediately send a doctor to them or else they will die.

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