The Emergencies tab is a blue tab located on the bottom of the screen which allows to call emergency services such as the fire engine, the riot police or the paramedics. This tab is useful when you are losing control of your prison. It is part of the Menu.

Each emergency service costs $100.


  • Firemen: when called, they will arrive in a fire truck and deploy Portable hoses. If you select the Firemen, you are given the option to aim their hoses with 'H'.
  • Riot Guards: when called, a large force of heavily armored Riot Guards will arrive at your prison to temporarily bolster your forces. They suppress prisoners, and are equipped with Body Armor and a Baton.
  • Paramedics: when called, they arrive in an ambulance and serve as doctors. They will automatically seek out injured staff and inmates and attempt to heal them. they are unarmed and are not afraid of rioters.
Emergency Services


How to UseEdit

After selecting an emergency service, they will arrive at your prison and wait for your orders. A quick way of administering orders is to use the squad list on the right hand side of the screen. This is also the location for dismissing emergency services, by clicking the 'X' key.


If the vehicle does not depart when dismissed there may be a tree on the road blocking the path, to fix this bug, simply dismantle the obstructing tree.

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