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Execution is the process of executing a prisoner on Death Row. There are several prerequisites that the player must complete before they can actually execute anyone.

  1. Research Lawyer, build him an Office and research Death Row.
  2. Have a cell block that is set to death row only. (Using Deployment)
  3. Have a death row prisoner and a working Execution room.

Once the prerequisites are met the player can click on the prisoner and schedule an execution.

The Execution Edit


Once the execution begins the following tasks need to be completed before the prisoner is executed:

  • Initiate prison-wide lock-down. - Works like an ordinary lockdown, intended to have the player focus on the execution.
  • Test the facility. - Runs facility checks and AI checks to make sure the execution is possible.
  • Assemble execution detail. - Brings in a religious leader who goes to the prisoner's cell, alongside the warden and chief,
  • Escort witnesses to facility. - Brings in witnesses, usually the family of the prisoner and the victim. Amount is random.
  • Escort prisoner to the facility. - The detail and the prisoners walk to the execution room. The final walk.
  • EXECUTION - Give the go-ahead for the lever to be pulled.
  • Dismiss staff and witnesses. - Let the staff go back to work, and the witnesses go home.
  • Final report - Gives a report on the execution, and add or deducts cash accordingly.

After the execution has finished a guard will take the body to a hearse.

Clemency Edit

What is it? Edit

Clemency is the chance, in percentages, that the prisoner, during an appeal, is either released due to him being innocent, or being moved to Maximum Security, due to his punishment being too severe, the procedure being unorthodox, or simply that he has been treated badly.

How does it affect the execution. Edit

It doesn't. You can execute someone even if the clemency is 100%, and if the execution is fine and they were guilty and deserved the punishment, you will be rewarded $10,000. But if you do so and it turns out that they were innocent or would have been moved down to Max. then you will be fined $50,000. However, there are exceptions. If the clemency is underneath the State Approved Conviction Strength, which by default is 5%, but can be researched by the lawyer to make it 10%, then even if they are innocent then you will not be fined, and will get the $10,000 compensation.

Appeals Edit

Using a parole room and the program "Death Row Appeal", you can run an appeal for your Death Row prisoners. Each one lasts four in game hours, and will either move the prisoner to maximum security (getting them off of death row), release them due to them being innocent, or lower their clemency.

The appeal hearing consists of the prisoner, his lawyer and a magistrate.

Trivia Edit

  • The execution room and the execution feature was implemented in the Alpha 31 update.
  • Death Row prisoners are rare, however you can add them to your intake pool by editing the game files.
  • The game knows if a prisoner is innocent, and will actually raise the chance of clemency if they are, but not by an amount that means you can work out if they are innocent.

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