Fires will spark because of:


Laundry Machines use both water and electricity in the same tile making it a hot spot for starting fires. Consider installing a valve on the pipe leading to them. You can turn off the valve manually to let the firemen and repairmen do their jobs without getting fried.

Dealing With a FireEdit

The best way to deal with a fire once it's ablaze is to call in the fire engines from the emergencies tab. Then send the firemen over to the location of the blaze by selecting them and then right clicking the location that you want them to go to. Once they are there, press 'h' to aim the water at the fire.

You can also place sprinklers around the prison that will place water during the event of a fire.

Reducing Prison Temperature After Fire Edit

In a case where your prison temperature is increased after a fire, and ventilation is not reducing the temperature fast enough, you can re-call the fire-teams and have them manually spray water (H-Key) in areas to quickly reduce temperature

Starting a FireEdit

If you wish, you may start a fire by calling in the fire department and spraying water (from the hose) on a generator. If you do this, however, make sure to send the firemen away (clicking the "X" on the little menu that pops up on the right when they arrive) or else they will try and put it out.