Forestry is an outdoor room where Gardeners plant trees and Workmen chop down (dismantle) the Trees into logs that can be either sold directly or sawn in the workshop to make planks which are sold for a higher profit.

The purchase of Trees is done automatically, for $100 each, so be sure to have the capital before creating large Forestry areas.

A forestry is the first step in a possibly long but lucrative crafting operation. Trees are bought for $100 and planted by Gardener in the forestry area. Trees take 5 in-game days to mature (changed in Alpha 17 and was originally 2 days) and have 3 stages of growth : sapling, young and old. Workmen chop down the tree to create 3 logs $50 value each. Each log can be used in a Workshop Saw to create 4 Wooden Plank $50 value each. 6 wooden planks are used in the Carpenter Table to make 1 Superior Bed $400 value each.

Requirements Edit

  • Outdoors
  • 5 x 5

Contraband Edit

The Forestry is a source of:

  • Axe (Weapons, Tools, Metal)
  • Saw (Tools, Metal)
  • Spade (Tools, Metal)

Tips and TricksEdit

  • Instead of creating a large forestry area off the bat, try creating sections of forestry each day, expanding the area slowly. This will help so that the forestry tasks are broken up over days, instead of all of the trees being harvested and replanted at the same time, which may cause logistical bottlenecks.
  • If there are too many logs in the workshop, trees will still be cut down but logs will stay in the Forestry instead of being taken to the workshop. Sell excess Boards using the Sell Object tool, the prisoners will cut new ones and the problem will solve itself.
  • Selling wood log from the forestry before unlocking tax relief isn't a good idea since at the end you're selling each tree $150 - $45(30% tax) - $100(price of the sapling) = $5
  • Trees grows slower on sand than on dirt. Making sand into dirt costs nothing so use it to maximize effectiveness of your forestry.

Notes Edit