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Free Time is dictated by the regime as a time where prisoners are allowed to roam freely about the prison, fufilling their needs as best as they can. They may use the yard, common room or any other facilities present in the prison, with a few exceptions.

It is also often at this time when prisoners are likely to partake in illicit activity, such as the gathering or trading of illegal contraband.

During Free Time, prisoners will do all activities except for (begin) eating, working a job or going to a program (classes, drug treatment, etc.). (Note they will finish eating if eat was placed before free time; but will not start a meal during free time). Also a prisoner who needs sleep will be able to at any time (Instead of only 10pm-8am like in previous versions). Free time is a catch all to let prisoners meet whatever their highest need currently is and in a tight regime may be the only time a prisoner has to meet his entertainment needs.

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