Once you've reached the stage where you want to take in some prisoners. Go to your 'Report' then to the  'Intake'section, and from here you can decide what prisoners you want to take in and choose to close the intake meaning no prisoners will come to your prison, fill the capacity meaning the intake will fill the capacity of your prison, or you can choose the exact number of prisoners you want to take in using the 'total prisoners' section or the exact number of prisoners you want to come in per day, or accept every prisoner that's available.

Once You've researched a Lawyer you can then research Death Row. Once researched you will be able to bring in Death row prisoners via the intake.

Beware as nearly all prisoners have at least one trait, and there is also a chance of receiving a legendary prisoner. When taking in prisoners also there is a chance of a prisoner being a 'Snitch' and/or 'Ex-law enforcement and/or 'Ex-prison guard' putting their lives in danger.

Tips Edit

  • For beginners, I would advise to start off with minimum security as they're easy to control and cause less problem compared to medium, and maximum security prisoners.
  • The more prisoners you have the more cash-flow you will have as each prisoner you have you get money, but before in taking a huge amount of prisoners make sure to you have space, and can control them.

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