PA Kennel

Guard Dog Kennel

Kennels are the Rooms in which Dog Crates are placed for a Dog Handler's Guard Dog.

When a dog gets tired he must rest in a dog crate before the team will continue patrolling. You need a dog crate for each dog that wants to sleep, but not all of them will be sleeping at once. Which means you can get away with having less dog crates than your total number of dogs (since some will be out on patrol ~ this is in contrast to armed guards, each of which needs an individual locker)

If you have too many dogs wanting to sleep and not enough dog crates, the team will stand in the kennel doing nothing.


Tips and TricksEdit

  • Kennels can be built outdoors.
  • Placing Kennels in a fenced in area outside close to where the Guard Dog s are patrolling will reduce the time they spend off-duty.
  • As of Alpha 17, Guard Dog s are not considered staff, which causes issues if the kennel area is set to Staff only.
  • There is nothing in the Kennel for prisoners to steal, so you can have a few kennels spread around for patrols to sleep in with little worry of whether prisoners gain access


First introduced in Alpha 14.

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