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The Kitchen is where cooks prepare food with ingredients for prisonersIngredients arrive in a delivery truck and then are transferred from the deliveries to the fridges by the cooks. Four hours before it is time to eat, cooks will start cooking using cookers. Prepared food is then placed on Serving Tables in a Canteen. In the Kitchen, cooks also wash dirty food trays in the sink.

Prisoners can also steal Knives from the kitchen.

Prisoners can only work here if they have followed the Kitchen Safety and Hygiene course which is taught by a cook. This cook will not prepare any food while teaching.


Kitchen efficiency proportionsEdit

  • 1 Cooker can be operated at maximum by 1 Cook.
  • 1 Sink can be operated at maximum by 1 Cook.
  • 1 Serving Table is enough to hold at maximum food from 4 cookers.
  • 1 Fridge can hold enough ingredients for at least 2 cookers.

In practice: 1 Sink per 2 Cooks is enough, since 1 Cook will carry food trays to the Sink, while the other Cook will wash them. In most cases; 1 Serving table can be enough for food prepared on 2 to 4 Cookers.

Rough proportions for efficient small kitchen and canteen per 1 Serving Table: 2 Fridges, 2 Sinks, 4 Cookers, 4 Cooks. This is enough for 4 tables (8 benches) and feeds up to 64 prisoners; on default food settings. (ratios may need to be adjusted if you change the quantity of food per prisoner)

Larger prisons may benefit from having a couple of extra cooks beyond the proportional number of cookers so that some can be operating cookers while the others are running out to delivery for more supplies.


  • Direct-water-connected Sink

Tips and TricksEdit

  • With Medium Meal Quantity, 1 cooker is capable of providing food for 20 prisoners. On low 1 cooker will provide enough for 40 prisoners. On high 1 cooker will provide for 13.33 prisoners.
  • Each Serving Table can hold 80 servings, but only 40 trays. So you need 1 Serving table for 40 prisoners on low and medium quality or 1 for 26 prisoners on high quality.
  • A Kitchen can be placed outside of the area where prisoners are allowed. This will greatly reduce the chance of prisoners stealing something.
  • Cooks will start cooking four hours prior to eating time. With this in mind, prisoners can help cook with prison labour if work is scheduled on the four hours need to prepare food. If you do this, it is recommended to have metal detectors directly out of the kitchen's exit, since prisoners can easily steal forks, spoons, and even knives from the kitchen.
  • Prison laboured kitchen requires 12 square area per worker, with a max of 20 prisoners employed. So it is wise to make it 240 squares size.
  • You can place cookers, fridges and sinks directly adjacent and in front of each other, cooks do not need a square in front of them to work with.
  • Consider placing a metal detector at the door leading to the deliveries section to detect contraband.

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