The Laundry Machine is a required object in Laundry.

How it worksEdit

Before Laundry Machine is available in the Objects Menu, your prison needs:


Hire a Foreman who researches and unlocks the Prison Labour.

Utilities linksEdit

It requires electricity and water too. It's strictly advised to install also a Pipe Valve and a Power Switch.


It is used by Prisoners who work in the Laundry to wash dirty uniforms, collected among the blocks in Laundry Baskets. But before wearing clean uniforms in his cell, satisfying the need of Clothes, the Prisoners have to iron and bring them in the cells by Laundry Baskets again.


You learn early on that the Laundry is a room that needs to be cleared of Fog Of War. It is necessary to have Guards patrolling there, or have an installed CCTV camera.


Prisoners can use the machine to electrocute each other. The Incident can be counted as attacking a prisoner or serious injury; if the victim dies it is murder).

Exploding Edit

In the case you hear a terrible boom like a bomb, get ready to watch the Laundry Machines because they sometimes can... explode!
The prisoners may boy-cot it, but the cause sometimes is a worker is fixing a the Power Station or on the Water Pump Station, or on an eventually second one of them, or more, on their links to the Laundry Machine (practically a short circuit).
You have to close the water and switch the machine off to prevent that the Worker who will go to repair becomes another dead body.