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A picture of a Legendary Prisoner

Legendary Prisoners are prisoners that are extremely dangerous and troublesome. As of Alpha 35, there is a possibility that a legendary prisoner arriving from intake will be a gang leader, if gangs are enabled in your prison.

They have multiple Reputations, as well as a very rare Reputation titled '--LEGENDARY-- This prisoner is a legend of the criminal underworld, and has numerous skills and abilities that make him very dangerous.' If the legendary prisoner is exposed to other prisoners for too long they can influence them by either adding them to a gang (If they're in one) or influence them to fight (Like the instigator perk) so it's recommended to move them to SuperMax to make sure they are surrounded by guards. Legendary prisoners also have violent tendencies which make them difficult to deal with and normally come with long prison sentences which can irritate you if you don't have a good security force to deal with them.

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