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Lockdown is a button that, once pressed, will cause all the doors in your prison to be locked shut simultaneously. Click again to unlock all the doors. The Lockdown button is located on the bottom right side of your toolbar. Lockdown is useful during uncontrollable riots and escape attempts.

Note- that all types of Guards are still able to unlock doors in a lockdown if directed by the player.

Note- keeping prisoners in lockdown for too long can make prisoners angry and will likely start a fight and even worse a riot.


Lockdown icon


  • You can place jail doors (or if you can afford it, solitary doors) in various places throughout your prison, then lock them open. This way, they do not hinder your prisoners or staff, but in the event of a lockdown, there will be a large number of extra locked doors that aren't there normally, making it much more difficult to escape and possibly splitting riots into more manageable chunks.
  • If you activate a Bangup first then activate your lockdown, you will have far fewer prisoners to worry about in the event of a riot or escape attempt. This can be advantageous if Freefire is activated.