Mail is one of the many systems in Prison Architect. Unsorted mail will arrive at your prison, where it will then be moved to the Mail room by a guard, where it will be sorted by prisoners during work hours. Once it is sorted, it will be given to prisoners by either a prisoner or guard, depending on if the prisoner will be allowed into an area of the prison or not.They will sastify your prisoner's family need.

Bugs Edit

  • Mail sometimes doesn't get moved to the mail room. It is currently unknown why it does this.
  • Too many mail satchels will arrive at your prison, and will often replace existing ones. There is a planned fix for this in Alpha 34. A solution to this bug would to sell/dump existing ones
  • Can be fixed if mail room is an individual entity. Ie: To get to the mail room, cant be inside a building, has to have dirext access to outside.

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