A Medical Bed is used to heal Prisoners. When a prisoner is escorted to the Infirmary by a Guard, they are put here. Soon after, a Doctor will come and heal them. Injured guards can also be escorted to the Medical Bed for healing by another, healthy guard if they are for example, unconscious.

Medical Beds are also used as a part of the Methadone Program.

Contraband Edit

Contraband which can be stolen from the Medical Bed include:

  • Needle
  • Poison
  • Medicine
  • Scissors


  • Sometimes, dead bodies (whether staff, prisoners, or visitors) will be placed in the medical bed instead of the morgue slab, and will get stuck there, never being removed and taken to the hearse. To fix this, simply dismantle the bed. A guard will come along and move the dead body (usually within an in-game hour), then you can place the medical bed back again.

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