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Riots, Fights, Escape Attempts and Contraband are considered misconducts. If one of these things happen, it is best to go into Lockdown.

If a Prisoner commits any of these misconducts, they will usually be sentenced to either Solitary or Lockdown for a select amount of time.

If Prison Policy has been researched, you can change the type of punishment (solitary, lockdown or none at all), the time spent in punishment, and even set if doing particular misconduct will activate a cell or person search.The best way to stop and prevent this is make sure you have enough guards and your prisoners are happy.

Name Description
Destruction Prisoner destroys objects
Escape Attempt Prisoner tried to escape cell/prison

Attacked Prisoner

Prisoner hurts another prisoner

Attacked Staff

Prisoner hurts any staff

Serious Injury

Attacked a Prisoner or Staff Member severely
Intoxication Drunk Booze


Killed prisoner or staff

Found Weapons Found Weapons
Found Tools Found Tools
Found Drugs Found Drugs
Found Luxuries Found Luxuries