The National Guard are soldiers from the military equipped with Assault Rifles sent to quell uncontrollable prison riots. They restore order to the prison through the use of unprecedented lethal force. They will only be deployed in case of an uncontrolled riot. They are the deadliest law enforcement personnel in the game, and are usually the death knell for an uncontrolled riot.

Deployment Edit

The National Guard are deployed in your prison via the Troop Truck if you reach the failure state 'uncontrolled riot'. This state is a catastrophic riot, which sparks the government to take action. If you do not restore order to your prison within the time limit, the National Guard are sent to kill all prisoners who don't comply with their orders, usually prisoners will die pre-maturely by overly-sporadic gunfire before given a chance to comply.

Troops Edit

  • Soldier: A soldier (either white, black, or Hispanic) equipped with an Assault Rifle, wearing a steel helmet and military camouflage. They are extremely deadly and can usually annihilate most prisoners, as they tend to fire immediately on armed enemies.
  • Officer: A officer that's well built, with a unique squared chin, an officer's cap, and rank pips. They are identical in behavior, armament, and statistics to regular National Guard troops, and appear once per squad.

Weapons Edit

The National Guards handle Assault Rifles which bear heavy resemblance to an M16A1. This weapon is fired in bursts, slinging bullets at prisoners with extremely deadly effect. It is unique for its extremely loud and jarring firing noise, compared to the Shotgun.

Aftermath Edit

Once all offending prisoners have either been killed, knocked unconscious or handcuffed, you will lose all control of your prison, and your save will be permanently held in an AI controlled state where progress is effectively halted.

Usefulness Edit

The national guard can´t always quell a riot. Sometimes the prisoners can overthrow them, and all the soldiers will likely die. If the prisoners keep resisting the soldiers, more troops will keep coming until all offending prisoners are dead, unconscious or handcuffed, making the ultimate fate of a prison riot a failure, no matter how long they hold out.

  • Prior to a patch introduced between Alpha 15-30*, The National Guard were invincible, as noted by not having a health bar, attempts to overthrow the guard were useless as they were never assigned a health bar. The patch was likely introduced to add interest with the player as to see if they were successful in re-containing the prison or not.