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Needs in Prison Architect illustrate what prisoner or prisoners need to behave, not try to escape, and be happy. A Psychologist is required to access this information. There are two types of Needs: the Needs tab which can be found under Reports; and a small list which can by found by hovering with a mouse over a prisoner.

The Needs tab shows a bar chart that combines every prisoner by their need. Each bar has following colours:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow 
  • Green 
  • Blue 

Prisoners with orange or red needs will increase a prison's danger level, and may incite riots

The small list when mouse is hovered over a prisoner shows only needs of that particular prisoner. If there are no needs, prisoner is completely happy. Plus signs indicate how much the prisoner wants that need. If a need is written in capitalized letters, or there are 10 plus signs, this need is completely unfulfilled, and is considered a critical need.


There are currently 14 needs:
Untitled 37

Prisoner who has been locked up in solitary who needs everything.

Need Need increasing factors Reducing the need Time to reduce the need Notes
Bladder No toilet Toilet Any time
Bowel Eating Toilet Any time
Sleep Not sleeping Bed Sleep Persisting high sleep need may be a sign of a prisoner digging an Escape Tunnel
Food Goes up by itself Canteen Eat high food needs can provoke riots.
Hygiene Shower Shower/Freetime
Exercise Take exercise of the regime Yard
Family Visitation area Freetime
Freedom lockdown. decreases every day Freetime High freedom need and a digging item prompts a prisoner to dig an escape tunnel

needs updating

  • Bladder - Can be decreased by using a toilet.
  • Bowels - Can be decreased by using a toilet.
  • Sleep - Can be decreased by sleeping in the bed.
  • Food - Can be decreased by eating. Prisoners health will decrease gradually if this need has been ignored over time.
  • Safety - Can be decreased by preventing incidents.
  • Hygiene - Can be decreased by taking a shower.
  • Exercise - Can be decreased by exercising in yard or on a weights bench.
  • Family - Can be decreased by using a phone or when visiting a prisoner in a Visitation room.
  • Comfort - Can be decreased by sitting down on a chair or a bench, or while sleeping.
  • Recreation - Can be decreased by using a TV or a pool table.
  • Environment - Can be decreased by having clean surroundings (cleaned indoors by janitors or prisoners assigned to cleaning duty and outdoors by gardeners)
  • Privacy - Can be decreased by providing a cell for every prisoner.
  • Freedom - A measure of how much a prisoner wants to escape. Freedom decreases by itself every day. It increases during lockup.
  • Clothing - Can be decreased by recieving clean uniforms from the Laundry job.

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