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Needs in Prison Architect illustrate what prisoner or prisoners need to behave, not try to escape, and be happy. A Psychologist is required to access this information. There are two types of Needs: the Needs tab which can be found under Reports; and a small list which can by found by hovering with a mouse over a prisoner.

The Needs tab shows a bar chart that combines every prisoner by their need. Each bar has following colours:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow 
  • Green 
  • Blue 

Prisoners with orange or red needs will increase a prison's danger level, and may incite riots

The small list when mouse is hovered over a prisoner shows only needs of that particular prisoner. If there are no needs, prisoner is completely happy. Plus signs indicate how much the prisoner wants that need. If a need is written in capitalized letters, or there are 10 plus signs, this need is completely unfulfilled, and is considered a critical need.


There are currently 14 needs:
Untitled 37

Prisoner who has been locked up in solitary who needs everything.

  • Bladder - Can be decreased by using a toilet.
  • Bowels - Can be decreased by using a toilet.
  • Sleep - Can be decreased by sleeping in the bed.
  • Food - Can be decreased by eating. Prisoners won't starve to death when you don't feed them - they will just get angry.
  • Safety - Can be decreased by adding more security guards.
  • Hygiene - Can be decreased by taking a shower.
  • Exercise - Can be decreased by exercising in yard or on a weights bench.
  • Family - Can be decreased by using a phone or when visiting a prisoner in a Visitation room.
  • Comfort - Can be decreased by sitting down on a chair or a bench, or while sleeping.
  • Recreation - Can be decreased by using a TV or a pool table.
  • Environment - Can be decreased by having clean surroundings, cells, etc and by having janitors and gardeners.
  • Privacy - Can be decreased by providing a cell for every prisoner.
  • Freedom - A measure of how much a prisoner wants to escape. Freedom decreases by itself every day. It increases during lockup.
  • Clothing - Can be decreased by recieving clean uniforms from the Laundry job.

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