Overdosing is a potentially fatal status effect that can occur if a Prisoner consumes a narcotic (a form of contraband). In this state, the prisoner will be unconscious and across their nameplate the text "OVERDOSED" will flash to indicate. In addition, a yellow-green alert with a bottle of pills will flash at the edge of the screen (or at the location if onscreen) where it is occurring, similar to a contraband, fight, or tunnel alert. Note that this alert is only visible if a guard is around to witness it. 

Once it is found that a prisoner has overdosed, a guard will pick him up and rush at an elevated pace to the nearest infirmary, where a doctor will heal him. The time remaining until the prisoner dies is shown in their tooltip in the status effects section; when the pluses run out completely (similar to a need or other status effect), the prisoner will die. 


  • It is a perfectly viable option to hire a doctor right on the scene; they will immediately start to cure the prisoner. However, the hiring cost of $1000 is still imposed. 
  • Shakedowns and Dog Handlers are a good way to find narcotics before prisoners consume them.  

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