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The parole program allows prisoners who are eligible for parole to schedule a hearing in the parole room. The program runs for 4 hours, though can be performed at any time, even outside of Work hours. It requires a Parole Room and two personnel automatically hired from outside of the prison (Parole Officer and Parole Lawyer). A prisoner will be eligible for this program once they have served 50% of their sentence, and again at 75% of their sentence.

If the prisoners' risk of reoffending is below the threshold set in the Policy tab, then the prisoner will be released early. If the prisoner does not reoffend, you will receive $3,000. However, if they do, it will be added to a tally of prisoners on parole who have re-offended. When 10 prisoners have re-offended recently, a warning is issued. If 5 more prisoners re-offend in the next 24 hours, you will be fired.

Note: a prisoner at a parole hearing can kill the Parole Lawyer if they fail the program, so position a guard nearby!

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