As of Alpha 29, all prisoners are now granted a parole hearing when they reach 50% of their sentence, and another at 75%. This Parole Room is required for the Parole Program.

As of Alpha 30 the parole hearing will be attended by the prisoner, their lawyer, and a parole officer. The lawyer and officer will walk in from off screen. The prisoners re-offend chance will determine if the parole hearing is successful or not, the threshold for release is set by a slider on the bottom of the Policy tab in the reports menu. You can schedule four parole meetings per day from a single parole room.

Inmates who are denied parole may become angry and will possibly attack others at the hearing and continue to assault anyone they come across until they are detained. After being released, from parole or end of sentence, the prisoner will make his way off the map. At this time the player may get a reward of $3,000 if the Prisoner does not re-offend. If the Prisoner does re-offend this is reflected in your Prison Grading. If 10 Prisoners re-offend within a short space of time, you will receive a warning (if Failures are enabled), if 5 more Prisoners re-offend within the next 24 hours then you will be fired.

In Death Row complexes, this will be used to determine whether they should be executed or not.

NOTE: Inmates must be able to navigate to the parole room, e.g. Staff Only won't work. You can have multiple parole rooms in different security zones and the lawyer and parole officer will go to him.

Requirements Edit

  • Indoors
  • Minimum size: 5 x 5
  • Visitor Table