The Prison Architect wiki administration is dedicated to serving the community, however misconduct is punished. This is a reference sheet for the administration team, however the team encourages the community to visit this page. This page is to be used in unison with the rules page.

If you see someone breaking rules please report them at Report.

  • Spamming/Vandalism: One warning in minor cases and a block* in serious offences.
  • Profanity: Block*. Warnings may be used by admins in extremely minor offences.
  • Edit War: All participants of the edit war should be notifies and or warned. Major participants in the edit war may be blocked*.
  • Users Using Other Languages: Admins use a Translation tool to try and find the language of the user and respond in said language that they must use the English UK language. If user continues to offend a longterm block# may be used.
  • Advertising: If it appears to be using a spamming tool infiniblock. If appear to be typing by hand warn then block if further offences occur.
  • Aggressive/Harassingly Acting Towards Other Users: Based on offence, block* or warn.
  • Renaming Pages Without Consent: Block*.
  • Disobeying Admins: Warning, Block* or Infiniblock#

*Admins have complete control and discretion over the period of the block, as long as it is not a long term block.

#A longterm block is a block longer than 6 months. Note that this can also mean an infiniblock.

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