Hello, these are community rules, to benefit this wiki, and stabilise the overall community. It is recommended that you follow these rules, for a large benefit on the wiki. This page is to be used in conjunction with the punishments page.

If you see someone breaking these rules please report them at Report.

Wiki Rules

  • No spamming please.
  • Profanity is never allowed.
  • No vandalism of pages.
  • Please speak English. (Admins excepted)
  • No advertising.
  • Be courteous and helpful to other users.
  • Assume Good Faith.
  • No renaming pages without consent from local admins and / or community.
  • No disobeying admins.

Live Chat Rules

  • No spamming.
  • No advertising
  • No profanity at all.
  • You must speak English.

Helpful Guidelines

  • Theories must be in a blog post, or thread.
  • Messaging admins and or bureaucrats for privileges will guarantee you not a spot.

Please message admins for rule suggestions.

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