PA A28 Policy

PA A28 Policy

The Policy Tab is found in the Reports menu, bottom right corner, and is a combination of prison regulation options regarding Discipline and Nutrition.


All misconducts fall under one of 10 incident categories.

  • Destruction
  • Escape Attempt
  • Attack Prisoner
  • Attack Staff
  • Murder
  • Serious Injury
  • Intoxication
  • Found Weapons
  • Found Tools
  • Found Drugs
  • Found Luxuries

For each misconduct you are given the options to search that prisoner, search his cell, and impose punishment. Punishment can be set to nothing, lockdown, and solitary. Punishment duration can be set in half hour increments. You can also increase the prisoners security, from low, medium, max, and super-max.

Nutritional Edit

Variety - how many types of food our prisoners will get.

  • None - only cabbage
  • Low - add potatoes
  • Medium - add bacon
  • High - add eggs

Quantity - how many food items your prisoners will get.

  • Low - 1
  • Medium - 2
  • High - 3


Long or harsh punishments can give the prisoner the suppressed status effect.

I find medium variety and high quantity gives many prisoners the well fed status effect.

The image shown is for reference only and is not a suggestion for discipline or nutrition.

Cost table for nutrition variation. (Per prisoner)

No Variety

Low Variety

Medium Variety

High Variety

Low Quantity





Medium Quantity





High Quantity





Parole cut-off Edit

Prisoners have a 'Reoffending likelihood'. You can use the Cutoff to decide at what point you will not take a risk paroling a prisoner.

So, you can set it to automatically parole anyone with a 35% or lower likelihood of reoffending. Or take a risk and set it to parole anyone with, say, a 65% or lower likelihood.

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