This is the Prison Architect Wiki! Here we share and update on how everything is going on in the game! Here you can find almost everything in Prison Architect, from Guards to Prisoners! Everything regarding the game is here! If not, we would appreciate it being added.

Prison Architect is the fifth game created by Introversion Software, the game is currently in a Released state. This wiki is to bring information about the game to one central location.

This Wiki is open to changes from anyone, signed in or not. Please feel free to contribute to this wiki if you wish. We would recommend that you register on this wiki so you can keep track of everything you do and be proud to be known in the community as being helpful as well as being a fellow wiki contributor. Do you want to contribute to the ever-growing wiki? Consult the Contributing help section for information on how you can get started.

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Did you know? Snipers and Guard Towers have now been added!

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