600px-Create new prison v1

When creating a new Prison this menu will pop up, showing the list of prison options you can choose.

Warden Edit

This screen gives you the option to choose your Warden ,each providing different benefits and abilities. For more information see: Warden

Prisoner Gender Edit

located above the Warden selector is the option to choose a male or female prison. Both function more or less the same except for a few extra rooms snd mechanics for a female prison. For more information see: Female Prisoners.

Map Size Edit

This option doesn't actually do anything to actual gameplay except for the starting building land area, and does not have different amounts of risks depending on the size.

Obsticle Spawning and Gameplay Options Edit

The area off this menu that has the biggest effect on gameplay is this section. It may determine a lot of factors to your prison's success or impending doom

Fog of War Edit

This option adds sight lines for guards that can allow your prisoners to make mischief without you knowing, all staff with give you sight lines, as well as cctv cameras.

Generate forests, lakes and buildings Edit

These three options all generate different things, generate forests will randomly spawn trees throughout the map. generate lakes will generate lakes that are irremovable obstacles that cannot be placed on or walked on. Generate buildings will spawn random walls and floors on the map.

Failure conditions Edit

Failure Conditions will put you in escape mode if you basically fail at architecting. They basically include people dying, prisoners escaping, or a never ending riot.

Events Edit

This option enables or disables the random Events that can occur in your prison they include a number of various problems and obstacles that could potentially destroy your entire prison.

Gangs Edit

This will decide wether gangs are active in your prison Which can become a fairly large problem if they start fighting and claiming territory.

Unlimited funds Edit

This option does exactly what you would expect, It allows you to spend money even if you are in debt. It also with prevent failure conditions from large debt. It does not prevent achievements.

Developer Cheats Edit

This option will enable developer cheats. It will permanently disable all achievements for this prison.