Prison Stories Edit

Prison Stories are the Prison Architect tutorials. There is also a connection with every other story.


  • Wallace: The CEO of Prison Architects group. (Spoiler: Dead since chapter 3)

Chapter 1- Death Row

An prisoner was condemned to death. In this tutorial you learn to Build foundations, place objects, build utilities and designe rooms

After you build his new cell, he'll move into it and two cutscenes will pass: the first is he killing his apparent wife and a man she was having sexual relations with. In the second cutscene he is seeking help and finds a priest, which convinces him to confess the crime.

At the end, he is executed

Chapter 2- Palermo

A prison catches fire. In this tutorial you'll learn to call fireman.


  • At chapter one, the executed man doesn't wear black clothes, unlike sandbox death row prisoners
  • At chapter three, it is possible to see the Riot police using a battering ram. It is unobtainable in the sandbox game.
  • At chapter five, the e-mail from the CEO is the same as the sandbox.

Chapter 3- G.A.B.O.S.

You have to stop a large scale prison riot, teaching you how riots work and how to use riot police. One of the prisoners has taken some of the staff hostage, and later kills the ceo.

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