Protective Custody is an assigned class of Prisoner that is designed to segregate high profile inmates from the larger group. Such segregation is often sought for inmates whose lives are in danger (Ex: Snitches, Ex-Law enforcement, Ex-guards) or whose characteristics can cause problems if not kept in check (Ex: Volatile and/or instigating inmates)

Assigning a prisoner to protective custody does not make them any more likely to be confronted by the more violent elements of your prison than they were before.

Strategies Edit

  • The most basic form of action one can take for Protective Custody inmates is to change their Regime so that they don't find themselves intermingled with other prisoners (Ex: Protective sleep while Max security Eat and vice versa). The main disadvantage with this plan is allocating slots for freetime for your Protective Custody prisoners; As they wander your facility, going about solving their needs, they may run into a hostile inmate. Plan accordingly and consider lockup time for Protective Custody.
  • An important part of making a secure stay at your prison is to designate a wing of your prison for Protective Custody only, making sure to supply them with all the needs they require to stay in the block. Having a staff only buffer zone between the Protective Custody area and the main prison can help to eliminate traffic of inmates in the area.
  • If you must have an intermingling of dangerous inmates with your protective custody, do so under the watch of an armed guard. Even if Freefire is off, the Armed Guard is a better shot with the Tazer (70% chance to hit compared to a guard's 60%) plus it offers added suppression (though this does not affect to prisoners with the fearless reputation).

Quarantine Edit

If you have events turned on for your prison, you may encounter a situation where a sickness is spreading to the inmates of your prison and will soon spiral out of control if not handled promptly. Placing prisoners into protective custody for a time and making a Protective Custody Only area can help control the spread of the virus.