Programs Tab

Programs Tab

As of Alpha 18 a new tab in the reports menu is available. The purpose of the programs tab is to create programs that allow proper training for prisoners to work in certain jobs, participate in Mental and Health Therapies or receive an Education. Education decreases the likelihood of a prisoner re-offending.

How it worksEdit

After choosing a program from the list, an appropriate time will be chosen and those interested in the program will have an allocated slot.

To see those who are in the current Program, scroll over the smaller square in the time slot that the program session is scheduled for. There are the Prisoners who are following the course (green square), the ones who are coming (yellow squares) and who is somewhere else (black squares). The biggest square is the teacher.

To see individually what programs a prisoner has taken go to their experience tab.

Every  course has different sessions and each one costs a certain amount of money.

Prisoners are more likely to become interested in programs when not suppressed. The chance of them passing depends on their understanding and concentration (the latter being affected by how many needs they have and if they are suppressed).

Work ProgramsEdit

Kitchen Safety and HygieneEdit

If passed allows a prisoner to work in the kitchen. Beginner level program adds 2 points, out of 10, to the prisoners reform grading score.
The requirements are a Cook and a Cooker in the Kitchen.

Workshop Safety InductionEdit

If a prisoner passes this program they will be allowed to work in a prison Workshop to make Planks and License Plates.
This course requires a Foreman and at least a Workshop Saw and a Workshop Press in a Workshop.

Carpentry ApprenticeshipEdit

Taught by a Foreman in the workshop using a Carpenter Table. Prisoner must have already passed the Workshop Safety Induction to be qualified. After completion a prisoner can combine 6 Wooden Planks at a Carpenter Table to create a Superior Beds, an increase of value from 300 to 400. In Alpha 35, there is a bug that can cause prisoners to not be interested in this program if there is a Shop room. This can be fixed by removing room.
It requires at least 1 Carpenter Table.

Education ProgramsEdit

Foundation Education ProgramEdit

The Foundation Education Program is a reform program that is aimed at providing inmates with a basic foundation in reading, writing and math skills. Inmates are required to complete this program before being eligible for the General Education Qualification. Intermediate level program adds 4 points, out of 10, to the prisoners reform grading score. Passing allows prisoners to work in the Library.

General Education Qualification Edit

Taught by a Teacher in a classroom. Each student will need a desk and to have completed the Foundation Education Program. Advanced level program adds 6 points, out of 10, to the prisoners reform grading score.

Mental and Health ProgramsEdit

Behavioral TherapyEdit

A non voluntary program that your violent trouble-makers prisoners can be sent to. This program will reduce their propensity for violence and rioting, and will allow them to better handle unmet needs.
This program needs a Psychologist and his office with two Chairs.

Alcoholics Group TherapyEdit

Alpha 22 gave us another Well-being Program for fighting the needing of Alcohol in the prison. In Alpha 21 it appeared with the name of "Alcoholics Anonymous".
It requires a Psychologist and a Common Room with a Chair or Sofa for each prisoner attending.

Pharmacological Therapy for Drug AddictionsEdit

Alpha 22 gifted us this Program for fighting the needs of drugs in the prison. In Alpha 21 it appeared with the name of "Methadone Therapy".
It takes place in an Infirmary and is lead by a Doctor. Each participating prisoner will need a Medical Bed to sit in when the program is active. I find high risk prisoners can benefit from a rate of 1 bed per 10 prisoners but you can manually schedule multiple sessions a day. Program must be scheduled during working hours.

Table of Information and RequirementsEdit

Program Name Location Teacher Places Sessions Session Length Required Item
Workshop Safety Induction Workshop Foreman 10 2 2 hours Workshop Saw Workshop Press
Carpentry Apprenticeship Workshop Foreman 5 5 2 hours Carpenter Table
Kitchen Safety and Hygiene Kitchen Cook 5 2 2 hours Cooker
Foundation Education Program Classroom Teacher 20 10 3 hours School Desk
General Education Qualification Classroom Teacher 10 20 3 hours School Desk
Behavioural Therapy Psychologist's Office Psychologist 1 5 2 hours Chair
Alcoholics Group Therapy Common Room Psychologist 20 10 2 hours Chair or Sofa
Pharmacological Therapy for Drug Addictions Infirmary Doctor 10 3 1 hour Medical Bed
Spiritual Guidance Chapel Spiritual Leader 20 1 2 hours Pew or Mat