Since Alpha 25, approximately half of arriving prisoners will have one or more reputations. Reputations alter a prisoner's behavior and affect the way they interact in a prison. Prisoners will never lose or acquire new reputations while in the prison (excluding gang affiliation), but 50% of prisoners with a reputation have it hidden upon arrival, requiring the player to learn it.

The following is an exhaustive list of available reputations as of Alpha 35.

Base Reputations Edit

Cop Killer Edit

"This prisoner is guilty of murdering a Police Officer. Your prison guards may be unable to restrain themselves when subduing him."
Prisoners with this reputation are far more likely to be seriously injured or even killed by guards if they should find themselves in a confrontation.

Deadly Edit

"This prisoner is a master in combat and can kill with a single hit."
When fighting, a deadly prisoner has a very small chance to kill an inmate or staff member with each punch, even if he is unarmed.

Ex-Law Enforcement Edit

"This prisoner was once a Police Officer, or some other law enforcement profession. His life may be in danger."
This prisoner is likely to be attacked if left unsupervised with other inmates for too long. Attacks are more likely and more successful if he is near higher risk inmates.

Ex-Prison Guard Edit

Character Quote Unavailable
Admittedly rarer than Ex-Law Enforcement, prisoners with this reputation suffer the same threat, though it is more severe. Fellow inmates will attack at the slightest opportunity.

Fearless* Edit

"This prisoner is not intimidated by the sight of Armed Guards, and is less likely to surrender during a fight,"
Fearless prisoners will not gain the suppression effect when in proximity to Armed Guards or Riot Police, even during a fight or under "Freefire". While this makes them difficult to punish or keep compliant, they are consequently better candidates for reform programs.

Federal Witness

"This prisoner is a witness in on an important legal case, and as such as been targeted for death by a gang or crime boss"

This reputation is available when random events is turned on, this prisoner will be killed if not treated carefully.

Gang Member* Edit

"This prisoner belongs to a gang. He will defend his fellow gang members and harbour hatred towards rival gangs."
Introduced in Alpha 34, all gang members have the same reputation but may belong to one of three gangs, distinguished by gang tattoos and color coding. The effects of a gang affiliation are numerous. A gang member will automatically join any altercation that a member of the same gang is involved in nearby. Additionally, since Alphas 35 and 36, gang members will execute "plays" and "hits" ordered by gang management; these involve securing, defending, or fighting over desirable territory, or assaulting rival gang members, respectively. (See: Gangs for more information) Finally, gang members will never participate in voluntary reform programs and are more likely to attack rival gang members than unaffiliated inmates.

Instigator* Edit

"This prisoner sows seeds of discontent in all those nearby. When he causes trouble, nearby prisoners will feel compelled to do the same."
When an Instigator breaks the rules, all inmates in his proximity have a statistical greater chance to start or continue rioting, escaping, fighting, damaging property, stealing, or otherwise misbehaving.

Preacher'*' Edit

"This prisoner is extremely charismatic and is able to convert others to their religion, giving them the Spirituality need."
In game, these prisoners will ultimately just convert prisoners to their religion, which makes more and more prisoners have a Spirituality need.

Quick Edit

"This prisoner is an unusually fast runner."
While these prisoners walk at the same speed as all others (subject to floor type), they can run 50% faster.

Skilled Fighter Edit

"This prisoner is skilled in defensive combat moves. He can disarm his opponent, or even take their weapon from them in a fight."
A Skilled Fighter has a very small chance to disarm inmates and guards that he fights. He may even be able to take and use their arms, whether guns or melee weapons.

Snitch Edit

"This prisoner is a known informant, and as such his life may be in danger. Don't leave him alone with other prisoners too long."
Ratting out his partners in crime has done the Snitch no favors now that he is in prison. Knowing this reputation, other prisoners will fear he is a Confidential Informant and attempt to kill him if given an opportunity. Similar to Ex-Law Enforcement and Ex-Prison Guard, protective custody is advised.

Stoical* Edit

"This prisoner will not become suppressed when locked in Solitary. He really doesn't care."
Stoical prisoners gain no suppression bonus from solitary confinement, regardless of duration, making punishment of this kind almost completely useless.

Strong Edit

"This prisoner hits harder with each punch during fights."
When fighting either armed or unarmed, this prisoner deals slightly more damage with each strike than average, improving his odds of victory. The prisoner also causes more damage when destroying property or breaking down doors, allowing the prisoner to destroy property faster.

Tough Edit

"This prisoner can withstand a lot more punishment in a fight. He can also sometimes withstand being hit by a Tazer."
The foil to Strong prisoners, Tough ones take reduced damage in fights from all weapons. A Tough prisoner also has a very small chance to experience no ill effects whatsoever when struck with a Tazer.

Volatile Edit

"This prisoner is liable to kick off without warning and for no reason."
Perhaps the most frustrating single reputation, volatility allows a prisoner to engage in fights or destruction at random intervals, even when the prisoners needs are fully satisfied and reformation is progressing.

??? Edit

Hidden reputations favor approximately 25% of all new prisoners. This mark means that the prisoner does have one or more reputations, but they are unknown to the prison staff. The reputations could be any of those found on this page. Hidden reputations must be learned by the player. Successfully tapping a phone that a prisoner is using will reveal any reputations of said prisoner. Activated Confidential Informants may identify some of the unknown reputations in a prison; the likelihood of this is directly related to the amount of coverage the CI's provide. Finally, (and least usefully) all of a prisoner's reputations are revealed upon death.

Improved Reputations Edit

While the following are more impressive versions of previously listed reputations, prisoners will never graduate from one to the other. An inmate can only have these reputations if he arrives with them.

Expert Fighter* Edit

"This prisoner is skilled in defensive combat moves. He can disarm his opponent, or even take their weapon from them in a fight."
An Expert Fighter has the same capabilities as a Skilled Fighter, but is appreciably more likely to successfully disarm an opponent in a fight.

Extremely Deadly* Edit

"This prisoner is a master in lethal combat moves, and can sometimes kill in a single hit."
Extremely Deadly prisoners can kill opponents instantly in a fight. This happens infrequently, but often enough to be a powerful attribute.

Extremely Quick* Edit

"This prisoner is an unusually fast runner."
An Extremely Quick inmate still walks at the same speed as everyone else, but can run twice as fast.

Extremely Strong* Edit

"This prisoner hits harder with each punch during fights."
Extreme strength allows these prisoners to win fights, break down doors, and destroy things very quickly.

Extremely Tough* Edit

"This prisoner can withstand a lot more punishment in a fight. He can also sometimes withstand being hit by a Tazer."
These prisoners take very little damage while fighting and have a small but appreciable chance of walking away from Tazer attacks unfazed.

Extremely Volatile* Edit

"This prisoner is liable to kick off without warning and for no reason."
Just like Volatile prisoners, those that are Extremely Volatile are unpredictably violent, but misbehave much more frequently.


"This prisoner is legend of the criminal underworld, and has numerous skills and abilities that make him very dangerous."
Legendary prisoners are exceedingly rare, but they are very powerful. Each Legendary Prisoner always has a random four or more of the above dangerous (*) traits. These combinations make them impossible to predict, control, or even satisfy without extreme measures. These type of prisoners MUST be taken into a supermax with tons of security. This is to prevent the risk of other prisoners/staff getting killed.

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