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A Riot is a loss of control of a number of prisoners simultaneously, which results in chaos, brawling, destruction of property and death.

Riots may involve weapons stolen from rooms like Kitchens, Armories and Workshops or smuggled into the prison as contraband

Having an Uncontrollable Riot with many prisoners escaping or dying will result in a loss.


A Riot may start for several reasons. A Riot usually starts because one or multiple prisoner Needs are high. Needs are prioritized, and high priority needs will cause riots quicker than those of a lower priority. An example of this is food and sleep being higher priority than comfort or recreation. The most common causes for a Riot are hunger, clothing and hygiene needs not being satisfied.It could also be a lack of guards around the prison which are unable to control all the wings.

Guards' reactions to RiotsEdit

Guards will generally attempt to suppress riots by force. Nearby guards will commence attacking rioting prisoners until they are either restrained or unconscious. Guards will utilise batons and handcuffs to neutralise prisoners. Guards are often most vulnerable when greatly outnumbered in a riot, and can easily be swarmed and killed by rioting prisoners. 

Sometimes, your guards might not be able to enter riot zones. 

Armed guards will assist guards and have a greater suppression effect, however they can also shoot to kill if given the command (Freefire) which is a drastic but effective method at dealing with riots

After the riot has blown over dead bodies will be taken to the hearse and drove away.

Known BugsEdit

  • The vehicles on the right side of the road (Hearses, Ambulances, Fire Engines, and Riot Vans) can get stuck. There is a solution, Make sure to remove any trees on/near the road to allow the vehicle to move. They also can clip through each other.

Failure Conditions Edit

Main article: Failure Conditions

When a riot is too far gone, all the icons at the bottom of the screen will disappear and a message will pop up saying FAILURE-UNCONTROLLED RIOT. Shortly after six trucks, each carrying six soldiers, will arrive at the prison. The soldiers will then attempt to kill every prisoner in the prison that doesn't comply with their orders, regardless of Security Level, rioting or not. However, there have been instances where heavily armed prisoners hold out inside the Armoury and the soldiers fail to kill them, even though the soldiers are armed with assault rifles. Under no circumstances should you allow one of your prisoners to get a hold of these, as an angry prisoner with an assault rifle will mean a horrific massacre.

Strategy Edit

During a riot, it is a big priority to move your staff, such as workers, cooks, janitors and special type personnel (such as the Warden) outside the prison, in a safe perimeter, where prisoners are least likely to go to. If rioting prisoners break into a staff room or office building, they are more than likely to massacre any staff members they find.

When clearing rooms with Riot Guards, make sure to keep Paramedics close; they can quickly heal any injured guards and prisoners, preventing casualties. However, also make sure to keep them in a safe area to avoid being attacked by prisoners, and keep in mind that they cannot move into active riot zones.

Putting the entire prison on Lock down may help, though prisoners who steal Keys from downed guards will be able to unlock doors. If the riot is is only one part of the prison, using Remote Access can lock down that area without affecting other areas.

Under no circumstances should you allow prisoners into an Armory! This will give them access to an entire arsenal of deadly weapons and make them much harder to take down. Be careful.

Snipers can be especially useful during riots, especially if prisoners attempt to escape.

It is very possible that fire will erupt during riots, thanks to prisoners that got their hands on lighters. If a fire is happening, do not call the Firefighters as soon as possible. they will most likely be killed by rioting soon as the riot has been contained, call the firefighter's. You can manually move firefighters by selecting them and right-clicking the zone you want to go to. In the beginning, they will automatically extinguish flames, but then they will need manual guidance. Guide them to the fire zone and hold H to launch water at the designated zone. Keep in mind that the water has a limited range but it can pass through the walls.