The Road Gate is an object which allows the control of ingoing and outgoing traffic, acting as a preventative measure against potential escape.

History Edit

Added in Alpha 16, the road gate was designed to allow players to split their prisons horizontally - as there was no previous way  to build anything across the road that by default runs down the right hand side of your prison.

The following was put on the Introversion Software blog about the road gate:

"Anybody who has tried to build a prison that spans the road will have found it pretty much impossible, because you cannot build on the road and therefore cannot create a secure zone between the east and west sides of your prison. We’ve introduced a new Road Gate which can be built to span the road, allowing you to run a secure deliveries zone. These road gates act just as all other door types, requiring a guard to unlock them when vehicles want to pass through."

 Tips and TricksEdit

  • Road Gates can be used as a "Last line of defence" for escapes. They will prevent prisoners who accidentally get outside from running.
  • Road Gates can only be opened by guards, servos or prisoners who have stolen the keys from a Guard

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